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The Brother And The Friend – A Fable

05-09hachette_full_600Once upon a time a chap had a brother, who also turned out to be another chap. Growing up, the two brothers would play and fight, fight and play, and through the years they became as close as brothers typically tend to. After hours spent in the backseats of cars on long holidays they grew used to each other. Since being forced to share toys, then records, then girlfriends (although the latter wasn’t so much a share as a strategic ambush) they forged a deep love for one another which would never be broken.

So, they were brothers, right? Maybe in hindsight that was all I needed to say, but brothers can mean different things to different people. How about Cane and Abel? Romulus and Remus? The Gallagher’s? So, just to clarify matters, these brothers got on.

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Novels, Novellas, or Shorts?

theartofthenovellaAll of these formats are options that we can produce as writers, but what is the optimum length that we should be aiming for?

Following on from posts that I’ve written recently around creating products, the obvious extension to the “Product’ theory is what size product should we produce? Each format has varying levels of time commitment invested into them and therefore the choice of what you’re aiming at is actually important.

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‘Out of Darkness’ Is Free Today

FRONTThe collection of frightening short stories, ‘Out of Darkness’, is free today on Amazon.

It was a year and a half ago when I contributed to an anthology of short stories for Halloween. It was a good experience for me as a writer and it also brought together a number of great authors from a variety of genres.

The book also raises money for charity and the free promotion is an attempt to raise its profile in the rankings. So, please, follow the link and download it TODAY.

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12 Days of Christmas – 6 The Curiously Fortunate Misunderstanding

$T2eC16hHJIEFHS8i54ivBSd3ufkqWQ~~60_35I’d been seeing this woman on the quiet for years. She was very grateful really. She’d been a real goer before she was married but then afterwards, something inside her seemed to die. She’d been going through the motions ever since and her husband was one of those macho types who would continually put her down. That’s where I came in.

I’ve always been good at making people feel better about themselves. It’s not because I find the inner beauty in anyone, it’s simply because I’m good at lying. I’ve found that middle-aged women just need to be lied to. They need to be told that they’re beautiful, that their bodies haven’t changed much, that their miserably boring lives are actually interesting. If you can do that and keep a straight face then you’re in.

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The 12 Days Of Christmas – 5 Alone On A Boat

9342418841_48b9ec19a0_zThe idea of being around anyone this year was just too much for me to take. I usually love Christmas, I actually look forward to it, but not this year. As I was walking on to the boat I managed to take one last look back at the chimneys, lined up and smoking, like a row of people outside a pub.

The air was cold and it made me grab for my collar, drawing it closer to my neck. My breath disappeared in front of me, blending in with the grey colour of the sea and I knew that it would just be me from now on. Of course, it wouldn’t be for a while until anyone else knew I was gone. I mean, it’s not what you’d expect on Christmas Day.

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The 12 Days Of Christmas – 4 The Crackers

simple-cracker-main‘Pink 403,’ sighed the vicar as he read out the fifteenth ticket in the Christmas raffle. Given that the average age of the people checking their tickets was about ninety-six they weren’t doing so bad, but still, the vicar was beginning to feel it now. Patience is a virtue though, he kept telling himself, although this wasn’t helping too much.

‘Ooh yes,’ shouted a woman in her fifties dressed in a heavily floral patterned dress. ‘It’s me, I’ve got it. Hold on, I’m coming.’ A ripple of applause spread through the room which had about thirty people in it. She had a look of surprise mixed with wonder as she moved amongst the tables and it was as if she had just won the Best Actress Oscar. ‘I say, Philip, I never win anything. I can’t believe it,’ she said to the vicar as she approached him at the front.

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The 12 Days Of Christmas – 3 The Cat Massacre

50-cats-santa-hats--large-msg-129306875282Green Drive was at the heart of suburbia, you know the type. All across the country roads resonate the same spirit of uniformity and convenience. Each house with its prim little garden and its jutting out porch, but what exactly goes on behind the lace curtains of Green Drive?

Are the inhabitants of Green Drive as similar to each other as their houses? One would think so on the surface. At Christmas time, each house celebrates the festivities by adorning its walls with brightly coloured lights and flashing reindeers. A level of competition then develops which occupies most of the inhabitants for the entire month of December, typically climaxing in a Christmas Eve singalong in the middle of the road. But not this year? No.32 has other ideas.

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