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Do I Enjoy Writing?

keep-calm-and-enjoy-writing-your-story-1This is a good question. It sounds quite straightforward at first, my obvious answer is, ‘hell yeah’, but is that really true. The idea of writing for a living is my dream, but I’m not there yet. The dream is as strong as it’s always been but that’s exactly what it still is, a dream.

The day in/day out grind of writing words that somehow make some kind of a cohesive message is another thing altogether. When I’m in that beautiful moment of flow that we all talk about, that’s when I enjoy writing but if I’m being honest, that doesn’t happen as soon as I sit down at the keyboard. So, for this post I’m going to detail some of the frustrations I have with writing.

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Why I Love The Sixties And Want To Write About Them

The sixties conjure up a spirit of freedom, independence and “creativity just for the sake of it”, more than any other recent decade. I love hearing about the sixties, watching films and news reels, and listening to the abundance of good music. One of the novels that I am in the process of releasing has it’s roots in the sixties. But I have to be honest…

I was born in the late 70’s. My love affair with the sixties is something that scientists would call constructed nostalgia. I’m going to explain what it is about the sixties that makes me create a fondness for them, even though I wasn’t there.

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Porn on the Fourth of July


I have a problem, that isn’t really a problem, but it might be a problem one day. I can’t help thinking about my Nan reading my books when I’m writing.

I know this is my fault for having such a wonderfully, supportive family, and to be true to my art these days I should have come from an orphanage with a possible history of being a child abuse victim. But I know that my Nan, who is in her late eighties, will read whatever tripe I come out with.

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