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Do I Enjoy Writing?

keep-calm-and-enjoy-writing-your-story-1This is a good question. It sounds quite straightforward at first, my obvious answer is, ‘hell yeah’, but is that really true. The idea of writing for a living is my dream, but I’m not there yet. The dream is as strong as it’s always been but that’s exactly what it still is, a dream.

The day in/day out grind of writing words that somehow make some kind of a cohesive message is another thing altogether. When I’m in that beautiful moment of flow that we all talk about, that’s when I enjoy writing but if I’m being honest, that doesn’t happen as soon as I sit down at the keyboard. So, for this post I’m going to detail some of the frustrations I have with writing.

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Here Comes The Sun

photoI watched the Grammy’s tribute to The Beatles on Saturday night and was once again blown away by the legacy of songs in such a short period. It was seven years from their first single to their last and, although there are a number of shockers in the list (Dig A Pony, Yellow Submarine, Revolution 9), they were intensely prolific.

Watching other bands play their songs reminded me of how good the songs really are. Most massive bands have maybe five or so great songs that stand the test of time, and written in twice as long a timeframe. Any band where the third songwriter comes out with Something and Here Comes The Sun is pretty special.

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Where’s The Perfect Place To Write?

SimpleisgoodSpaceI’ve changed my mind about this question several times and I’ve finally settled on the most boring answer yet. It’s something that, as a writer, we think about a lot. If you want to be inspired then maybe it’s the place, if you don’t want to be distracted then maybe it’s the place, if you need the internet then maybe it’s the place.

There are several reasons why the perfect place is as variable as the writing styles which are expounded within them. It largely depends on the author and the motivation to get the words down, but in this post I’ll look at some of the common spots.

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Plaster Scene Tops The New York Times Bestsellers

PS Web Final MACIn an incredible day’s activity, Plaster Scene, the second novel from author Michael J Holley, topped the famous New York Times best-seller list at midnight.

Maureen Redalot, an employee at the Times, commented, ‘I’ve never seen anything like it before, it made me spill my quoffee.’ The book, which is a light-hearted comedy, soared up the charts after Mr Holley appeared on national TV with close friends Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston.

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Bestsellers Don’t Make As Much Money

episode_05_960x540There was an article in The Observer last weekend called ‘From Bestseller To Bust’, once again lamenting over the crushed publishing world. This time it’s from the angle of those lucky authors who were bestsellers in the eighties, enjoying huge advances and royalties.

Sadly, their income has been slashed and embarrassingly, they can’t expect the same lucrative contracts which they once had. This is terrible, a tragedy, and their plight can only be compared with Syrian orphans.

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The Mysterious Affair In The Forest

photoIt was the New Forest Book Fair on Saturday and I tripped along for an experience, and I got me one of them. There were no murders to speak of, crimes were only represented in fashion and the only thing Belgian was a general sense of boredom.

It was a shame because I was well up for a spot of selling but the fair just wasn’t geared to new, unrecognised fiction. I was the only author who had a stall and I was out-flanked on all sides by second-hand book traders. It was all about rarities and collector’s editions.

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Now Available In Your Local Library

Cowes_Library_and_Maritime_MuseumYes, it’s true. You can now borrow my books. (However, you have to live in Cowes on the Isle of Wight) This is a picture of the temple of higher-self which has agreed to hold my books.

It’s kind of a big deal actually. Within the same library there are books by Dickens, Shakespeare, Tennyson and EL James. I’m now on the same shelves as these guys. That’s pretty good, isn’t it?

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