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Turning Pro

professional-620x400Yep, that’s right, my football ability has finally been recognised and I’ll be signing a professional contract real soon. So, screw this writing game, I’m off to do some keepy-ups on the beach.

What’s wrong with me? It’s not even April 1st. No, I’m not becoming a professional footballer. I was offered it but they told me that I wasn’t allowed to continue with this blog, so I told them to find some other puppet for their games. What I’m actually talking about, when I get around to it, is turning pro as a writer. I’ve been a full-time writer now for a couple of years and I’ve even produced novels but, to me, there’s still a difference. Let me explain.

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Do I Enjoy Writing?

keep-calm-and-enjoy-writing-your-story-1This is a good question. It sounds quite straightforward at first, my obvious answer is, ‘hell yeah’, but is that really true. The idea of writing for a living is my dream, but I’m not there yet. The dream is as strong as it’s always been but that’s exactly what it still is, a dream.

The day in/day out grind of writing words that somehow make some kind of a cohesive message is another thing altogether. When I’m in that beautiful moment of flow that we all talk about, that’s when I enjoy writing but if I’m being honest, that doesn’t happen as soon as I sit down at the keyboard. So, for this post I’m going to detail some of the frustrations I have with writing.

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Where’s The Perfect Place To Write?

SimpleisgoodSpaceI’ve changed my mind about this question several times and I’ve finally settled on the most boring answer yet. It’s something that, as a writer, we think about a lot. If you want to be inspired then maybe it’s the place, if you don’t want to be distracted then maybe it’s the place, if you need the internet then maybe it’s the place.

There are several reasons why the perfect place is as variable as the writing styles which are expounded within them. It largely depends on the author and the motivation to get the words down, but in this post I’ll look at some of the common spots.

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Novels, Novellas, or Shorts?

theartofthenovellaAll of these formats are options that we can produce as writers, but what is the optimum length that we should be aiming for?

Following on from posts that I’ve written recently around creating products, the obvious extension to the “Product’ theory is what size product should we produce? Each format has varying levels of time commitment invested into them and therefore the choice of what you’re aiming at is actually important.

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… And He’s Back In The Room

viewWhat with one thing and another, I feel as though I haven’t blogged for years. I’d just like to say that I’m now back in my familiar routine, the kids are back at school, the wife is somewhere else and I’m stuck up in my garret with a blue sky view over The Solent. I’m all yours.

I’ve obviously been posting in the mean time and, on that note, apologies to anyone who was mildly irritated last week with my constant pestering. The Free promotion was one thing I’ve been busy with over the last few weeks and the blogging was just part of that promotional machine. Thank you to anyone who downloaded Plaster Scene, I’d be delighted if after reading it you leave a review on Amazon.

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Watching The Bookshops Wither And Die

borders_bookshop_closing_down_sale-640x480I’m in a slightly disgruntled mood today. I popped into my local Waterstones, which for readers in other countries is the largest and pretty much only bookshop left in the UK. It’s always been a nice experience, the smell of new books and exotic covers, you can get lost in one for hours.

In this particular local Waterstones, they used to have a Local Interest bookshelf near the front door which included local authors of fiction. It was extremely hard to secure a spot on this coveted shelf and the requirement seemed to be that the story must be set on the Isle of Wight. Coincidentally, my new novel is set on the Isle of Wight. However, to my chagrin I have discovered that this shelf has now been replaced with another Sale shelf instead.

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Plaster Scene Tops The New York Times Bestsellers

PS Web Final MACIn an incredible day’s activity, Plaster Scene, the second novel from author Michael J Holley, topped the famous New York Times best-seller list at midnight.

Maureen Redalot, an employee at the Times, commented, ‘I’ve never seen anything like it before, it made me spill my quoffee.’ The book, which is a light-hearted comedy, soared up the charts after Mr Holley appeared on national TV with close friends Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston.

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