The Complete Self-Publishing Service

It’s your project, it’s your baby and it’s your choice


both ebook


Basically, I can just do it all for you.

Forget learning all about file types, or pulling your hair out over formatting, or having to download Scrivener. For a modest fee, I’ll take all of the hassle away. You wanted to be an author and the idea of churning away, knee deep in fonts and designs, was never part of the dream.

I get it. I’ll just do it for you.

Perhaps you’ve written a book in Microsoft Word and you don’t know what to do next. You might have a book which was once published but now it’s out-of-print, or you just don’t have the time to spend hours and hours, in the evenings and weekends, trying to get your head round it.

Don’t worry, I can just do it for you instead.


The most important point about self-publishing is that you have to maintain the perception of quality. For instance, 80% of the book buying decision is based on a two-second sub-conscious feeling, which comes from the look and feel of the cover. My pet hate is seeing self-published books looking like the remnants of a school project. The playing field is being levelled between traditionally-published books and those that we can push out ourselves, but they have to be able to stand side by side. The quality of the product is so important that by allowing me to just do it for you, you can be confident that your book will look and feel like it should.

You Own It

I’m not here to offer you a full-on publishing service, there are companies out there who set themselves up to almost replicate a traditional publisher. That contradicts what I believe self-publishing is all about. It should be about you being in control of your own work. I’ll merely help you to get it set up and then it’s all yours again.

eBooks and Paperbacks

Self-publishing can be in the form of an ebook or, both an ebook and a paperback, obviously with a paperback there are a few more things to do and  this is the reason why I offer a cheaper ‘ebook only’ deal.


The cover is so important when producing your book. I can either arrange for a third party cover designer to work on your book or, if you have the perfect cover already, then we can use that. I’d always advise, however, that you have your cover professionally designed but, at the end of the day, this is your book and it should always look the way YOU want it to.


It’s not my intention to exploit anybody or charge for a service which isn’t needed. This is simply a way that you can pay a one-off price and have your book published. You own the rights, you own everything. Any accounts which are set up online will be set up in your name. You own it all going forward. I’m a writer just like you and I understand the emotions and sensitivities involved.

Clear Expectations

In order for me to be able to publish the book you want, it’s important that I understand exactly what you’re looking for and this is the reason why we have a preliminary discussion. Equally, as my intention is then to hand everything back over to you when it’s published, I’ll also share any post-publishing information with you. (Account log-ins, additional print runs, sales charts, author profile updates etc.)



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