Another Free Book Promotion

Great Corporate EscapeThis time around it’s the turn of my first novel, The Great Corporate Escape. I tried a free book promotion a couple of months ago for Plaster Scene with variable success but the experiment continues. There are a number of standard marketing tools available for us self-publishers and we should always exploit them as much as we can.

If you’re even remotely interested then you can download it for free during the next two days by clicking on the following links.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

The key to successful free promotions seems to be the amount of exposure you can receive and this is where I might have lucked out this time.

Bookbub is the daddy of free ebook promotions but such exposure comes at a big price. They claim to have millions of readers on their database who each receive a daily email but to be featured will cost you a few hundred dollars. The results are extraordinary if you can be selected and that’s where it’s so hard. Not all of the ebook promotion sites will guarantee your submission, you have to let them know and then wait to see.

This time I submitted my promotion for free on to Pixel Of Ink, along with a number of other hopefuls, and so far I haven’t been included. This is another big site but a free entry doesn’t guarantee you a spot, it depends on if there’s room. I did however pay $15 to have a guaranteed placement on Bargain Ebook Hunter, which by pure luck seems to have paid off.

The site missed my entry off their list. It was completely their mistake and when I brought their attention to it they apologised profusely and offered to rectify it. They offered me a free promotional spot on their website and their sister website, Pixel Scroll, for the next 15 days… oh, and they’re refunding my $15.

This level of promotion would have costs hundreds of dollars at least and I’ve now been lucky to test it for free. I’ll let you know the results at the end of it.

The book’s only free for the next 2 days and then it reverts to its normal discounted price of 99c. This means that for 13 days of the promotion the book will be in the paid charts.

However, don’t miss out on your chance to download The Great Corporate Escape for free in the next 2 days. As a reader of this blog, it’s the least you deserve.

Download it here:

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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