The Self-Publishing Specialist ???

Specialist,_TheDoes this sound a little grand? The eagle-eyed of you might’ve noticed that a new sub-title has appeared at the top of the site and I thought it would only be polite to explain myself.

I wish I was a specialist in something else but with everything else I’m unfortunately just average. I would love to have skills in something exciting but that isn’t to be. It happens that I’ve been concentrating on writing books, publishing books, printing books, marketing books, listening to others doing stuff with their books, reading books and, in the mean time, I’ve ended up becoming a bit of an expert on self-publishing books.

This was never part of the plan but it makes sense now to pass on the knowledge I have in this new publishing revolution. As ebooks become more popular, as self-publishing becomes less vanity and more conventional, it stands to reason that more people will want to know how to do it.

This is where I can step in. Through this blog, I’ve already been helping people for a couple of years. Although there have been times when the help has been specific and direct, most of the time it’s been quite passive and indirect. Now, I think I should be a bit more deliberate.

There are loads of ways to help someone publish for themselves and I plan on creating a number of different products, which will hopefully suit every type of person. Some like to learn directly, face-to-face, whilst others would prefer to just read up on it. I want to be able to help a person to self-publish, however they want me to do that.

This blog will actually remain the same. I’ve always focussed on passing my learnings on and now, I’ll just hang some products off the end of it. My priority will still be my own writing because I want to create more books, but this will just be more of a definite sideline.

The world of self-publishing is changing rapidly. The life of a writer is also changing. The entire eco-system of books is in a state of flux and I love the new indie vibe being created. Isn’t it great that someone can now write the book that’s inside of them and publish it? The only thing I can’t stand is when someone self-publishes really badly. The covers that resemble a ten year old’s school project, no editing, drunken formatting… urgh! Things like this make the rest of us want to distance ourselves from the self-publishing label, but instead we should be embracing it.

So, coming soon, will be a number of different products aimed at better self-publishing because, after all, I AM a specialist.


3 responses to “The Self-Publishing Specialist ???

  1. Michael, we’ll be looking forward to your products! Maybe you’ll consider making something for foreign authors like myself to teach them how to finв a translator and overall make the book worldwide ready.

    Good luck on the way.

  2. Nice. I think this is a great move. From what I’ve seen of you on your blog, you will offer a practical, honest and effective service. Diversification is key to any business, and at the end of the day what you hope to achieve through your writing (me too!) is to create an enduring business.

    I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing what you offer.

    To be clear though, the Specialist? Awful, awful film.

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