The Machine Is Back On Track

black-and-white-railroad1It’s been a while. How are you? What have you been up to? Sorry I’ve not been in touch, I’ve just been busy doing other things for a week or so. I travelled to Disneyland with the family, I’ve been watching far too much football and I’ve finished my next novel, Blind Faith.

I don’t really want to keep going on about the book. I’ve already told you all once that I’d finished, only to then announce that I’d had a ‘Van Gogh moment’ and started again, so now I’m going to be a bit more understated. Ssh, I’ve finished the first draft.

It’s vastly different to the first stab and it was written much quicker. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but it flowed so much easier and I would’ve thought that this would be a good thing.

I’m now going to read through it again and make sure that it’s actually legible before passing it to my loyal crew of beta-readers. They may not all know that it’s coming yet, so if you see any of them, let them know for me.

I want to get cracking on my next project soon, which will be slightly different from the flippant comedies I’ve been scribing up until now. It may be a bit more serious, but I don’t know yet, that’s the beauty of imagination, isn’t it? I doubt it will be a novel though. I’m interested at the minute in episodical fiction and my immediate future will go that way.

I hope you’re all still there after my little lay off, I’m back now, so I just wanted you all to know.

Until next time…


6 responses to “The Machine Is Back On Track

  1. Still here. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed Disneyland.

  2. Welcome back Mike, wondered where you were. Good news about the first draft/redraft! As to your potential foray into periodical fiction……how Dickensian! Look forward to learning more of those developments……and, as usual, good luck.

  3. Huzzah! The return of the prodigal… Looking forward to more output. Now feeling guilty at my own lack of productivity. ..

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