5 of the Best Self-Publishing Podcasts

logopodcastIn these modern times information is available from everywhere. We all try out various mediums hoping that we can suck up the information in the most efficient way possible. Self-publishing is one of those booming industries right now, where the momentum is fast-paced and any book or article is often out-of-date a month after it’s been written. Enter the podcast.

It’s easy to keep up-to-date with the news on a podcast and also gain a much broader insight into how others have been successful. The best way to be successful yourself is to copy and epitomise someone who has already walked the walk. I find for self-publishing, listening to podcasts are the best way of doing this.

I think podcasts lend themselves perfectly to self-publishing because the aficionados are all IT literate, entertainers and craving the information as much we are. Everyone is experimenting at the moment and a tactic which works one month may be obsolete a month later. We need to keep on our toes, and why not be entertained at the same time?

These five are the podcasts I listen to and I really don’t think there’s space for anymore. They each take a slightly different angle and the amount of cross-sharing that goes on is heart warming. It kind of feels as though we’re in the middle of a revolution.

Here they are in the order in which I think they’re most important.

The Creative Penn

I’ve been listening to Joanna Penn since before I started writing my first novel. She started self-publishing about two years before me and has gained a huge platform thanks to her podcast, which is now sponsored by Kobo. (that’s how big she is) This is the biggest recommendation I can give for a podcast. Give her a listen. She’s also in the UK which makes it slightly more relevant for me.

The Self-Publishing Podcast

These boys are great to listen to. Three authors; Jonny B Truant, Sean Platt and Dave Wright. They collaborate with each other, they do their own things, they have internet marketing experience, they know what they’re talking about, they were the writers of the best self-publishing book I’ve read (Write, Publish, Repeat). These guys are definitely a close second, if not neck and neck, and worth getting into. As long as you don’t mind some urban language.

Self-Publishing Round Table

This is the beginning of the also-rans but still a great source of information and inspiration. It’s quite new and still finding its feet but they interview people every week and I always find it interesting.

Sell More Books 

This is another new one. They concentrate on just the news from that week. It’s only half an hour long and worth a listen.

The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast

This podcast interviews someone each week and they look at where these authors started, how they made it, and how an aspiring self-published author can aim to do the same thing.

Give them all a go and see which ones strike a chord.

Until next time…


2 responses to “5 of the Best Self-Publishing Podcasts

  1. Not seen “Sell more books”, but love the other four. Will check out the one I’m missing. Thanks for the info.

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