… And He’s Back In The Room

viewWhat with one thing and another, I feel as though I haven’t blogged for years. I’d just like to say that I’m now back in my familiar routine, the kids are back at school, the wife is somewhere else and I’m stuck up in my garret with a blue sky view over The Solent. I’m all yours.

I’ve obviously been posting in the mean time and, on that note, apologies to anyone who was mildly irritated last week with my constant pestering. The Free promotion was one thing I’ve been busy with over the last few weeks and the blogging was just part of that promotional machine. Thank you to anyone who downloaded Plaster Scene, I’d be delighted if after reading it you leave a review on Amazon.

The Free Promotion

This was my first endeavour into Free and it was kind of an experiment. I followed the majority of advice which had me touting my wares on all kinds of platforms. I paid for advertising on Facebook, I applied to Free Book websites and obviously this blog and Twitter were shamelessly ambushed.

Did it work?

On the face of it… um, well… NO!

If I was expecting huge sales spikes and a roaring placement in the Amazon paid charts after the promotion ended, then it was an underwhelming anti-climax. If I wanted more people to get hold of my book, however, and potentially read it, even maybe review it, then it was a success. I had over 700 downloads in three days.

Even if it’s turned a few new readers on to me then it has to be a good thing. The ball has to start rolling somehow.

Would I do it again?

Yes. But, I’d do things differently next time. I think Bookbub is the key to big spikes and maybe Pixel of Ink as well. I didn’t have my book featured on either of these and I believe the number of downloads suffered because of it. If money is to be spent on promotion, which in any business it really should be, then these two forums are the ones to target. Bookbub especially is expensive, a few hundred dollars (eek!) but potentially a sound investment. With a member base of over one million readers targeted specifically for your genre, this could be the difference between 700 downloads and 7000 downloads.

The process has definitely made me more savvy about the business side of books and every experience is a positive learning somehow.

Until next time… (I promise it won’t be too long)


2 responses to “… And He’s Back In The Room

  1. Glad you are back my friend…

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