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The critically acclaimed comedy novel, Plaster Scene, is available to download for FREE today on Amazon. It has a 4.8 star rating, so why not find out what it’s all about.

It’s the first time I’ve ever requested a FREE promotion and I’m eager to see how successful it turns out. The promotion will last for 3 days and I hope to receive an abundance of downloads which in turn should push the book up into the realms of visibility.

As this blog is my home turf and you are my people, I’m pleading with you all to download it on to your devices. It’ll cost you no more than a few seconds of your valuable time and, in return, I promise to be grateful. Once you’ve downloaded it for FREE yourselves, you could then use up another few seconds and tell a friend to do the same.

By sharing the love, you’ll be helping me out and you’ll be helping them out because when else do you get anything for free.

If you’re stuck for what it’s about, read this:

A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy.

When an ageing hippy suddenly dies, an inheritance is discovered which has been hidden for over forty years. A staged mugging, an alien abduction and a wetsuit-clad gunman are all encountered before the secret past finally shapes the lives of everyone concerned, forever.

Think; The Da Vinci Code crossed with Spinal Tap.

Here are some reviews which are already on Amazon:

A Great Read (5*) – A really good yarn with several convoluted storylines converging to a chaotic conclusion!! Great characters that keep you turning the page. if you enjoy comedic farce then this is for you!

What A Scream! (5*)  This book is just fantastic! Fast-paced and really funny. For the first time ever, I did not want my train commute to end so that I could finish it. Just buy it…

Shockingly Funny (5*) – I love books which are just simply there to entertain. This book does that and well. I was in a particularly low point of my life and this book helped me to escape from it all. If you just want a good story that doesn’t pretend to change your life then this is it.

Please go to Amazon right now and download Plaster Scene for FREE.

Amazon US link

Amazon UK link

Amazon Canada link


2 responses to “Free eBook Promotion Today

  1. Thank you, Michael.

    I look forward to reading it when I get a break among my busyness! And, I’ll review it when I’ve finished.

    I hope it does really well for you.

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