I Was Only Joking

waitwhat-idontevenknow_23988f_3996414What am I like? The whole New York Times thing yesterday was made up, who knew? I down-played it deliberately but I suppose I did over egg it when I mentioned Jennifer Aniston. Since that restraining order, the police won’t let me anywhere near the same country as her.

Thanks for the comments though, I enjoyed the fact that so many of you read it.


8 responses to “I Was Only Joking

  1. Jennifer says she is cool with it.

  2. I missed yesterday’s post, so I’ll never know how good a prankster you are!

  3. stephanie lefebvre

    I fell for it and another one about aliens making contact with Obama… definitely too gullible!!!

  4. You just so burst my bubble!! I was cheering for all the good things happening for you. (And if you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.) LOL

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