Plaster Scene Tops The New York Times Bestsellers

PS Web Final MACIn an incredible day’s activity, Plaster Scene, the second novel from author Michael J Holley, topped the famous New York Times best-seller list at midnight.

Maureen Redalot, an employee at the Times, commented, ‘I’ve never seen anything like it before, it made me spill my quoffee.’ The book, which is a light-hearted comedy, soared up the charts after Mr Holley appeared on national TV with close friends Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston.

Michael Holley gave us a quick quote as he was leaving his New York apartment, ‘I can’t believe it, although I’ve always believed it possible. I guess it’s all about belief but still, I can’t believe it.’

The book sold more than two million ebooks in one day making it the fastest selling novel of all time. The bible, the fastest selling non-fiction book, once out sold this figure but this was during the Spanish Inquisition when it was sort of important to prove you were a religious type.

A movie deal is already in the pipeline, with Scorcese and Spielberg apparently eager to work collaboratively on making it the film of the century. The bookmakers have already stopped taking money on Cooper and Aniston playing the lead roles.

Dan Brown, a previous fastest-selling bestseller, commented, ‘I don’t believe it but then, I don’t believe anything. Everything’s not as it seems, they’re all out to get us, all of them. Who are you? Have you ever been to Italy?’

Also EL James, a fellow phenomenon, said a few words, ‘the book has very little sex in it and, apart from the one solitary sex scene which is tame at best, nothing much happens. I don’t believe it, somebody spank me.’

There is already a movement towards erecting a statue in his home town of Southampton, where the Titanic left from, to commemorate his genius. It promises to be the first statue which will be visible from space.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the phenomenal success which is, Plaster Scene, then don’t waste anymore time, ebook stocks are running out. You can download it for a bestselling discount on Amazon US or Amazon UK, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, but you don’t have to bother because so many people have it now that you should be able to borrow it from someone.


18 responses to “Plaster Scene Tops The New York Times Bestsellers

  1. Was that by your annual guest blogger Lirpa Loof ?

  2. I couldn’t buy Plaster Scene from amazon dot ca. It’s just not there. So I picked up The Great Corporate Escape instead. Any idea when or how it might be available to me in Canada?

  3. Oh I needed that this morning. Thank you!! 🙂

  4. Can I have your autograph?

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