Now Available In Your Local Library

Cowes_Library_and_Maritime_MuseumYes, it’s true. You can now borrow my books. (However, you have to live in Cowes on the Isle of Wight) This is a picture of the temple of higher-self which has agreed to hold my books.

It’s kind of a big deal actually. Within the same library there are books by Dickens, Shakespeare, Tennyson and EL James. I’m now on the same shelves as these guys. That’s pretty good, isn’t it?

It’s like the quote from Spinal Tap. ‘Jimmy Page wrote Stairway to Heaven when he was 21, I learnt to play it when I was 17. I think that says a lot.’

It feels great to be in the library. I don’t know why really but it feels better than almost everything else I’ve achieved. I suppose when I was little I used to look forward to the library, not that I was such a huge reader, but I loved being surrounded by all of those books. It was magical. It still is now. It’s the same feeling when I walk into a bookshop.

I’m now part of that magic, and it feels good.

Until next time…


2 responses to “Now Available In Your Local Library

  1. Michael – that’s terrific. Truly, it sends chills up my spine when I read this post! Congratulations, and perhaps one day your books will make it to a library near me 🙂

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