The Power of Book Clubs To Sell More Books

BookClub_000Book Clubs could very well unlock your word-of-mouth conundrum.

We all know that most books are sold by mates referring good books to each other. It’s a slow process and one that you have no control over, but it’s definitely the best way to sell a book.

What you need to do is get your book in front of enough people and get them to read it. Then sit back and rely on your undoubted talent to speak for itself. But how can you do this?

Free eBooks Don’t Work

They used to. When there wasn’t as many people in the market place people used to fill their boots with the Free section on Amazon but then a load of chaff stood in the way. Two things happened; readers stopped trusting the quality of free ebooks and their Kindles were chocker with a load of books that they were never going to read.

Now, if you put your book up for free you may get a few downloads but they’ll never be read and that doesn’t help at all. Especially considering Amazon have changed their algorithms regarding the Free section.

How can you give books away and be sure they’re read?

Book clubs is the answer. These reading clubs have taken off over the last five years since the Kindle revolution. We all know tons of people who are in at least one. They all read the selected book and then have a little chat about it. Perfect.

Remember, the best way of selling books is word-of-mouth. We have to generate that somehow. We have to get the ball rolling. If you contemplate putting your book up for free on Amazon then why not give your book to a book club for free instead. They have to read it. You can also ask that in return for a free book they wouldn’t mind leaving a review for you on Amazon. It costs you nothing except a few lost book sales.

I’ve seen some websites encourage you to sell books to book clubs. So, you can sell 15 books… woooo!! If you have 10 book clubs that you can get links into because of someone you know, if you offer them your book for free then hopefully you’ll get most of them take you up on the offer. If, however, you try and sell it to them, you’ll probably convert two at best. It’s a long game and this is just the beginning, so think of it as a marketing tool.

Other ideas with Book Clubs

You can go along to the Book Club in question and give a talk, or a Q&A, or whatever they want.

You can meet more readers and then get in touch with more clubs, and so it goes on.

The whole idea is to create Champions for your books. Passionate fans who will preach your gospel to their friends. The more of a relationship you can build the better.

I’m definitely getting into book clubs and I suggest you do too.

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3 responses to “The Power of Book Clubs To Sell More Books

  1. Totally agree that building a reader base (lets call them fans cos that’s cool!), is the key to a sustainable income from books. Some really interesting points here, to which the only thing I’d add is: Goodreads (other online book clubs are available). Kind of like a book club from your own living room. Requires effort, but all these things do. That’s half the fun.

    Also, appreciate your post is about getting people to read your books, but I have a slightly different perspective on free. Agree that the game has changed with Amazons recent changes, but free still has a place. But from what I’ve seen (and please bear in mind this is from analysis and intel gathering, not actual practice – you’ve stopped reading haven’t you…) they are still a great way to introduce a certain group of readers to your work. Those that want to read (those you talk about are never going to take a chance on your work unless you’re way up the charts) but need an incentive to take a risk. I’ve seen this work particularly well where you have a large volume of works as it can set off a chain reaction. Assuming they like your work (and why wouldn’t they!), they will do that word of mouth thing for you, recommending your free book as a ‘way in’.

    Happy clubbing.

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