The Christmas Number One


Every Christmas, since I was 18, I’ve always read Charles Dickens’ Book of Christmas Stories about two weeks before the big day. It’s now become the trigger that lifts my Christmas spirit out of its box.
Unlike most men that you hear of, I love Christmas. I don’t really know if most men hate Christmas or not, but you always hear them moaning when it comes around each year. I like the shops changing, the pubs making an effort, the carol singing in town centres. I like it when it snows and covers the normally dreary streets with a magical canvas where you can dream a new beginning. Especially, I love our family rituals around Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The laughter, the games, the sharing of what’s important when all’s said and done.
In order to get involved during this time of the year, I wrote a book of five short stories which all take place during one Christmas. I called it The Christmas Number One.

It was first published last Christmas but this year I’ve made some changes. Firstly, I’ve re-edited every story making them flow better and read more clearly. I’ve also scrapped the last story and written a brand new one in its place.
I’m excited by the mix of different genres I’ve included and the way the stories all refer to each other works well. My favourite story is the first because it’s the most similar to the style I prefer. It’s called The Christmas Number One and it follows two music industry moguls as they race to the coveted top spot. It’s tongue in cheek, a bit silly but hopefully makes you think at the same time.
All five stories will really put you in the mood for Christmas and I hope one day that people read my book every year for the same reason I read Mr Dickens’. One can dream.
Until next time…


2 responses to “The Christmas Number One

  1. Not feeling at all festive this year, for obvious reasons for those who know, but I’ll be re-reading your Christmas Number One as I fly away. Make this your final version of these stories, write more of course but put them into a separate book for next year…….did Dickens re-edit his work much? I suppose some of it he did, but timeless quality means it doesn’t need to change, ‘cos it’s just that, timeless!

  2. Looking forward to reading your collected Christmas stories. Merry Christmas to you! 🙂

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