How To Make Your ‘Title Page’ Stand Out Using Scrivener

photoDon’t you hate the way that self-published books can sometimes look, well… amateur. You know what I mean, don’t you? They put the reader off before a word has been read. Why is this?

There are the obvious things that have to do with the cover, then there’s the dimensions of the book itself (average US and UK paperback sizes are different, make sure you know what you want), and then you turn back the cover to reveal the title page. This is the first page of the book usually. You know the one that has the title on it. The title page of my latest novel is pictured here.

If this is just the title of your book in Times New Roman then you haven’t really even tried. The reader will then make a sub-conscious judgement on your whole book that it’s a bit shoddy. Obviously, your book is the best book which that reader will ever hold in their hands during their entire, miserable life but, if they don’t even get to the words, they may never know.

The classic approach to the old title page is to borrow the font, which has been so expertly deployed on the cover, and use it again. The author name is ok to be bland, by the way. It’s called a title page, park your ego Billy Big-time.

So, how do we do it?

Scrivener is all you need in your life. If you have a problem in the garden then Scrivener’s your man. If you need to mend some clothes, then Scrivener’s their to help. If you want to know the most appropriate knot to use with a bow tie then, guess what?

This is what you do.

There are a whole load of fonts in Scrivener and you may find the one you need but be careful. Most eBook readers don’t have too many fonts and often use Times New Roman. So, your fancy pants title will be converted to Mr Boring.

However, eBook readers can display images. This is what I do. I create the title, exactly as I want it, in Powerpoint (you can use anything though). Once the title is perfect, I then save it as a picture.

Once in Scrivener, click on the Title Page and then Edit/Insert/Image From File… Choose your picture and “Bob’s your Uncle”.  By double-clicking on the image you can adjust the size and make it just right.

This is it. A perfect, professional-looking title page produced in Scrivener in seconds.

Until next time…


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    For those who use Scrivener, an excellent way to get around the BLAH of most e-book formatting.

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