My New Novel Plaster Scene is Out Now

PS Web Final MACFinally, the moment has arrived when I’m proud to say that my new novel, Plaster Scene, is now available. It can be purchased in both eBook and Paperback format from all good online stockists. (but Amazon preferably)

Followers of this blog will know that the journey from writing to publishing is a gnarly one and it seems to go on forever. Writing a novel is a challenge and takes dedication and determination but self-publishing is just an irritation, especially to me.

The process has been much easier this time but it still seems to go on forever. I feel as though I’ve written fifty posts on this blog to announce that it’s nearly out and still it’s limped on in it’s unpublished state. Well, today is finally the day.

You may have been lucky enough (?) to have received a promotional email. If you have, then I apologise if you didn’t like it and I urge you to unsubscribe at the bottom of it for future promotions. I promise not to mail out too much but the launch of a novel feels justifiable.

I’ve given up drinking over the summer so, instead of opening a nice bottle of red wine, I’ll be relaxing this evening with a non-alcoholic lager. However, I’m still not finished. I’m at the end of re-launching my Christmas collection of short stories, and this needs to be finalised by tomorrow. More to come on the blog regarding that little nugget later.

Anyway, I hope you follow this link to the dedicated Plaster Scene page where you can click on the link to Amazon and pick up a copy.

Until the next one…


5 responses to “My New Novel Plaster Scene is Out Now

  1. I’m worried about the not drinking! Non-alcoholic beer I believe is awful so why punish yourself when you should be celebrating!
    Congratulations on finally getting the thing out…………I was expecting it for my holiday in August!
    So what’s the title of the next book and are we all ready for the trauma of participating in it’s development?
    Well done!
    ……………….still worrying about the not drinking though.

    • I’ve learnt a little about unrealistic expectations this year. I won’t be putting quite as much pressure on myself to bring out quantity next year. Quality has always been the most important aspect and Plaster Scene should be a thoroughly good read.

      The next book is called Blind Faith and unfortunately you’ll all be pulled along with it again. I’m the one that launches these things (and that’s easy) but, like you say, you’re going to have to carry me through it. You’re the ones who need a drink this evening.

  2. Congratulations and best of luck with this launch and the re-launch of your Christmas tales, Michael!

  3. Here’s looking at you! Congrats with Plaster Scene and of course good luck with the ever continuing work on whatever’s next. I sympathize. Nice cover by the way, fine artwork there.

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