Going Up The Learning Curve

learningcurvebasicIt was only ten months ago when I self-published a collection of short stories and six months ago when I self-published my first novel. The learning curve has been pretty steep for most of that but I believe it’s now beginning to shallow out.

This week I began to publish my second novel, Plaster Scene, and follow the same steps which I’ve included in my “Walk-in-the Park Guide to Self-Publishing”. To my surprise, the process has gone swimmingly. I recall last time how I spent late nights agonising over formats, resolutions and dimensions. It was so time consuming that by the end of it I was really stressed. This time, though, it really was a walk-in-the-park. Whoever wrote that guide was right! 

I discussed ‘determination’ yesterday and how to build the right habits, but this is another benefit of determination. The learning curve simply states that the longer you perform a task the more adept at it you’ll become. At first, you need to learn everything so there’s a lot to learn but gradually you work through that phase and the amount you need to learn then begins to decrease.

The more determined you are and the longer you continue to write, the easier the surrounding tasks will become. I’ve been amazed at how straightforward it’s been this time. It allows me to spend more time on the extras like promotion, marketing materials etc. These are the types of task that I ignored first time around.

So, if you’ve never self-published before then please don’t feel daunted by the prospect. Just download the free ebook on the right hand side and follow the step-by-step instructions. If you have self-published before, but the memories are still keeping you awake at night, then just know that it’ll be easier the next time around.

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5 responses to “Going Up The Learning Curve

  1. So this is what you are up to since you no longer have DRM in your life, looks like you are doing well. Just bought your corporate escape book so looking forward to reading it, especially if it is along the same lines of some of the emails and conversations we had.

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