Plaster Scene Coming Soon

PS Web Final MACI’ve been busy over the last few days finalising my new novel, Plaster Scene, in preparation for its release. The paperback is in progress, as is the eBook, the posters have been ordered and all of the i’s have been dotted. Not long now.

Although this period is kind of stressful it’s also exciting. There’s so many little things to do but I’m not really too concerned about the big launch idea because it’ll be around forever.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted once the paperbacks have been proofed.


3 responses to “Plaster Scene Coming Soon

  1. Hello Michael, Just ordered ‘Plaster Scene’ on my Kindle. Very interested that you had been to the IoW Conference as I used to attend this until a few years ago, when Felicity felt she couldn’t run it anymore…if it is up and running again I shall be there next year!
    I am just working on my 10th book – all of them self-published, healthy and doing moderately well, and about to dip my toe into e.books with Amazon.

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