200th Post Today!!!

blogpost200Well, well, well, today marks the 200th post on this blog. I hope you don’t mind me taking some time out to mention it.

I started this blog at the end of July 2012, about 14 months ago, with a clear intention of the subject matter which I wanted to stick to. When I started writing the blog I had not personally published anything and so the blog was to follow my progress as a writer and as a person who was committed to making a go of it. I think I’ve done that.

Since then I’ve published two of my own books (a short story collection and a novel), had two short stories included in other anthologies, written a self-help book on self-publishing and a children’s story, and weeks away from my second published novel, Plaster Scene. I’ve been busy.

My goals for writing remain the same as they were a year ago; I want to write as many novels as I can in order to develop as a writer, and; I want to establish myself in this new career.

Part of the self-discipline which is needed to be a writer has come from this blog. I’ve committed to writing something of value nearly everyday. I’m learning all the time and I assume that if I learn something then other people may be interested too. The blog has been as cathartic for me as it has been a source of information for you.

When I started I aimed to write three posts a week and I’ve actually written 3.33 posts per week. I wanted to provide posts of substance rather than just an online diary and I think largely I’ve achieved this. I obviously wanted people to hear of me and the books I’ve written but I didn’t really want to stick it in people’s faces. I hope I’ve achieved this balance.

To date, 37,000 people have read posts on this blog, and that equates to an average of 185 views per post. It’s quite scary when I think of it like that but everyday when I turn up to write, I write purely to you. That person who’s similar to me and just wants to know more about self-publishing.

I’m not interested in advertising on this blog, I’m not interested in making money from this blog. I believe in the community of writers which now exists online. I take from others just as they can take from me. We’re all learning and finding best practice and occasionally, worst practice. That was the spirit in which this blog was created and I hope to write a similar post by the end of 2014 celebrating my 500th post.

If there is any subject that you as a reader would like to know more about or, if there is something that I gloss over in your opinion, then let me know and I’ll add it to my list.

Until next time…

2 responses to “200th Post Today!!!

  1. And congratulations to you, Michael! Well done. I read most of your post and find they’re always motivating, though I realize now that I’m a lousy comment writer. But with with an average of 185 readers per post you’re doing fine, so it seems. So here’s to another 200 đŸ˜‰

  2. Congrats. I probably hopped on around 125 or so, but I’ve enjoyed them all. Keep ’em coming.

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