Video Killed The Radio Star

Video_Killed_the_Radio_Star_single_coverI’m stuck on the horns of a dilemma at the moment, I wonder if you can tell? I’ve been thinking recently that maybe I should start making videos for this blog. You know the type which other bloggers use?

Now, when I say ‘making videos’ I obviously don’t mean anything which is going to rival Thriller. In fact, if I made a video it would look incredibly bland with zero effect at all. But a video will kind of open the door on a whole different type of expression and this may be good. Here are both the horns…

Good Times

Have you ever watched telly? It’s really good, isn’t it? Revolutionary. I reckon it’s going to catch on. I think people will like watching someone else move and talk as if they’re a real human. It might even warm you to me. Who knows, people may like me.

It will hopefully be quicker, both to produce and to digest. This means I won’t be taking up so much of your time.

It might be easier to understand me. I’ve never been a good writer… thank God I don’t want to do that for a living.

I’ve been watching more and more of these little embedded videos on other sites and I quite like them. It gives a much better appreciation of who you’re listening to.

Plus, technology has moved on so much now that making them and watching them is easy for most people.

Bad Times

You’ll be able to see me. Aaaarrggghhhhhhh!!!!

The thought of it kind of makes me feel quite exposed. It’s a very warts and all approach and I don’t know if I’m ready… shit, I don’t know if you’re ready.

Would I have to plan and script everything, or just shoot from the hip. If it’s the latter then there could be a lot of dead airtime or just a lot of bollocks.

I’d have to make sure that I had clothes on and was reasonably well presented. Not that I’m not dressed every time I write I hope you realise (I don’t want you thinking like that when you read my words) but there’s definitely a different kind of pressure there.

And actually, the most important question is… why? What would it enhance? If it was just me muttering away because I was too lazy to write then I don’t see the point.

I think I will have a go the next time I want to write about something which would look better if you actually see what I was talking about. For example, if I decided to explain the best way to peel an onion without crying, or perhaps the best way to disarm a six year old carrying a Nerf Gun.

We’ll see… Until next time…


6 responses to “Video Killed The Radio Star

  1. Tread very carefully, Michael. While I’m self-employed and don’t have to worry about the boss overhearing, I am often online in situations where I don’t want others to hear what I’m seeing/reading/listening to. My ‘default’ is to have the sound muted on my desktop/laptop/iPad. When I come across a video, I mark it for later viewing… But to be honest I don’t always get back to it. Perhaps I’m the oddball here, in which case you have nothing to worry about………perhaps I’m not.

  2. To be honest, none of the blogs I regularly visit use videos. Podcasts yes, but I can’t even remember the last video blog I came across. Probably why I’ve never contemplated doing one. I’d be intrigued in the results, but a part of me would be concerned about what it was adding? My instincts say you would gain certain new followers, but likely lose others. Plus, for me a lot of blogs are about the comments and the dialogue that happens as a result of what is posted. I’d find it hard to read comments and remember what on earth the video was about. Don’t have that problem with the written word.

    That said, new things are good. Change is good. Maybe, like most things in life, you should try it. At least once.

  3. I think the clue is at the top of your blog, you know, where it says Michael J Holley – Writer. In my field, many self styled wine writers are using more video, which I rarely have time to watch and which are not crafted. If I want to watch someone drinking a glass of wine, well my partner’s quite good at that. But words, thoughtfully deployed can be read as now, at work eating a sandwich al desco, or waiting for the bus when I’m certainly not going to stand around looking like a wally watching a talking head. Please keep writing.

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