Writing in an iOS7 Wonderland

icon-ios7I’m in awe when I hear of writers who still use a pen and paper to craft their work. I can’t imagine how long the process must take and how painstaking the edit must be. In this technological world where we all now exist, I wonder how easy it is to still rely on pen and paper. At least you won’t be affected by iOS7.

I type everything, from the planning stage right through to the final draft and I am affected by iOS7. I use the whole Apple suite in my work. I write mainly on an iMac at home, I have an iPad and an iPhone as well. I’ve commented before on how I use the combination, take a look at this post.  But now the landscapes changing, as it does with technology, and in order to stay as productive as you can be, you need to keep up.

iMac Software


How to Compile a kindle ebook in scrivener

The daddy of writing tools. There isn’t a day that goes by without me clicking on the Ying and Yang symbol of Scrivener. It holds all of my writing projects and can spit them out in whichever format I require. I love it for what I use it for and I know I’m not alone. It’s a tool created by writers for writers. They listen to feedback and solve problems which you didn’t even know you had.


Being a writer means that you run around, climb mountains, swim in lakes and travel to alien planets… in your mind. Your actual feet tend not to move too much. You can end up sitting at your desk for so long that your shoulders seize up, you have deep vein thrombosis kicking in and your eyes have glazed over to the extent that all you can see is a blur of pixels. This is why I like to escape every now and again.

I go to a coffee shop because I like coffee. There’s a nice one down the road where they know who I am, and they leave me alone. Imagine if I was there with pads of paper laid out in front of me, frantically scrawling for all I was worth. It’s much more civilised to open up an iPad and begin where you left off at home.

I use Plain Text at the moment on the iPad because I can sync it with Scrivener through Dropbox. I know there are other apps available which do the same thing and if you have found something worth shouting about then let me know. Plain Text simply does the job for me. I can’t wait for Scrivener to come out with its own iPad app. There has been talk of one in development for most of the year and all Scrivener writers are waiting patiently for it to materialise.


I use Plain Text as well on the phone, but only occasionally if I’m reading through a final edit.

iOS 7

All Apple users will know about the iOS 7 update and even those of you that aren’t Apple’d up have probably heard of it on the news. It’s changed the whole look and feel of my loved machines and unlike most of the human race who hate change, I love it. It’s like moving into a new office.

The bad news, which is secretly really good, is that my original iPad can’t be updated to iOs7. Oh no, I thought to myself until I realised that I would have to buy myself a new iPad. It’s completely justified because, um… how else am I to work? 🙂

So, I’m now waiting for the new iPad 5 to be released and then I’ll make my move. Writing without technology, for me, would be like walking without shoes. It makes what I do more pleasurable and fun… as long as you have the self-discpline to stop those pesky distractions.

Until next time…


8 responses to “Writing in an iOS7 Wonderland

  1. I discovered Scrivener through your blog. After purchasing the software, I can’t imagine organizing my writing in anything else. Thank you again!

  2. Michael – you already know that I share your sentiments about scrivener… I’ve used Plain Text, but switched to Textilus ( which also syncs with Dropbox) last year, and have been quite pleased.
    I upgraded to 7 this weekend, and at least so far, the positives greatly outweigh the negatives.

  3. Like Lauriegienapp, I’m a Scriviner (Mac) /Textilus (iPad) user. I’ve been clamoring for an macbook air for ages now to complete the set, but I’m starting to think about upgrading to the new, new iPad 😉 in October (assuming rumours are true…) and getting a folio fabricskin keyboard instead…

    And iOS7…love it. Unlike you I’m not happy about the upgrade potential it pushes. I have an iPhone 5 so no (justifiable/reasonable) point upgrading. My wife has a 4 and is talking about getting a 5S. She has never had better tech than me…I’m not sure our marriage could handle it.

    • I’m in the same position as you. I’ve got a 5 my wife’s got the 4, and I’m waiting for October for the iPad to hopefully come out. Ooh, gadgets are exciting things..

      • I’m also hoping they don’t bring out a retina mini. If they do then I may be forced to get that. Which leaves the door open for the MacBook… Not that I can afford any, but hey, it’s tech! Sacrifices must be made.

  4. Always awesome info and I have been trying to make friends with Scrivener!

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