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photo“Dear Sir or Madam will you read my book? It took me years to write, will you take a look?”

You may remember a negative post from a week or so ago regarding the quality of some printed books which I received from CreateSpace. Saying nasty things isn’t really me, and complaining about stuff is even less me (I’m English for God’s sake) so, if you wish to read about that particular moan then please click here.

Anyway, I now have some positive, uplifting news which I can add to it.

Firstly, I’m glad to say that I only heard positive news from fellow authors about CreateSpace. They had not had the same experience as me and I’m reassured by this.

Secondly, CreateSpace were exceptional in their customer service following my complaint. They are sending me a repeat order free-of-charge and have put an additional Quality Assurance check on my order. This does make me wonder about how much QA would usually take place, but… still, at least they’re correcting my problem.

Thirdly, I mentioned that I was going to check out a local printer in the UK called Imprint Digital, and I did. Don’t ever say I’m not a man of action. The proof copy of my first novel came back yesterday and it was almost an emotional experience. It was perfect.

It has a matt cover which makes it look better anyway and it’s made from Bookwove paper, which is lighter yet thicker. It looks like a proper book. You know, one of those things you buy in a proper shop with proper money, and think to yourself this is written by a proper author. I’m so happy at the product, I just want to write more books to see what they’ll look like.

I’m still going to use CreateSpace for my Amazon paperback POD copies because it’s easier and cheaper, and I’ll use the Imprint Digital copies for physical face-to-face sales. So, all’s well that ends well.

I’m now encouraged to progress with my next plan which is to produce a smaller, hard-back version of my book of 5 christmas stories. I want it to look like a nice little stocking filler, perfect as a gift for Christmas, and something which could be kept for years and resurrected each December. Much more of a challenge though so I’ll let you know.

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5 responses to “Paperback Writer

  1. Glad everything worked out so well. The local print company sounds great. I think the last thing a self-published author wants is to have a product that looks like it was self-published.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how things sometimes work out for the best? Glad to hear that your print quality issue seems to be resolved, and that the folks at CreateSpace went the extra mile for customer service. Do you know if Imprint Digital has services in the U.S.? Best wishes on the Christmas stories book. Sounds good.

  3. Michael, I know this is an old post, but I made a note of your comments at the time and subsequenttly made good use of them. So here are my experiences of both CreateSpace and Imprint Digital:
    Both versions of my book did me proud. The quality of both were good, though the finish of the cover of the US printed proof, was slightly better than the UK printed deliverables (slight separation of the coating around the spine, not serious).
    The Cover: See
    The CreateSpace book with matt cover looked great and and felt good to the touch (I’m a Taurean!). The matt cover from Imprint Digital was slightly less matt, but hence is more resistant to greasy handling, but I am completely happy with both.
    I had some problems of getting the spine width right on my cover artwork as my cover artist had put a narrow black border around the rear cover, which made it sensitive to misalignment (so be warned). The Createspace proof and the final books are actually thicker than their calculator suggests. I reduced the problem by widening the border.
    Delivery of proofs: I had a problem with the Createspace proofs. I ordered 3 copies and they came in a flimsy cardboard box with a bit of scrunched brown paper packing. The box was damaged at one corner, and when openned revealed that one copy was damaged. I fed back details of the problem to Amazon who immediately dispatched a further 3 copies with absolutely identical poor packaging. It arrived with similar damage to a corner of the box, and once again one copy was damaged! So now I had 4 good proofs (plus 2 which I could happily give to someone less discriminating).
    I am very happy with the service I received from Imprint Digital in Devon, UK., (and with the CreateSpace POD copies).
    So Michael, thanks for recommending Imprint Digital in your blog.


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