Back Open For Business

Photo on 04-09-2013 at 10.54I feel like I’ve just come out of hibernation, and not just because I’ve got moss and twigs stuck to my back. The summer has been wonderful in many ways; the weather was sublime for once; I’ve enjoyed every moment with my family; I’ve partied so much that I’ve now decided to give up drinking; and all in all I’ve had a great holiday. But… to carry on living like this would qualify me as a bum.

Things are changing and I’m ready for it.

My goals have been very clear throughout the year and I’ve always remained focussed on achieving them but coming into the final third makes me even more determined. Strangely, I always liked returning to school when I was a kid and this feels the same to me. I’m sure it’s because I’ve now finally found something which I love doing.

It was two years ago when I left my boringly, conventional career and decided to give this new lifestyle a go. Me and my family moved to the opposite end of the country and really took a huge risk because we had no idea what to expect. Looking back, however, I see it as the time when my soul was released. It took a while to re-adjust but now I feel as content as I have ever felt.

I feel incredibly lucky and grateful that all of the pieces have fallen into place but now it’s up to me to keep pressing on and striving for success. Like I mentioned above, I’ve given up drinking alcohol because of the time I was losing the next day. I can’t afford to waste any more time because what I want to achieve means so much more.

I’d love to be one of those rock n’ roll writers who lives the dream and still produces books that change a generation, but how many of that type are there? Most people have to get their heads down, listen and learn from those who are already treading the path, and ultimately have respect for the craft of writing.

In the coming weeks there will be posts about agents and publishers in the new self-published world, book production, Amazon MatchBook, Cover Design, marketing photos, the launch of my next book (Plaster Scene), my overall self-publishing/writing strategy, and anything else I stumble upon as my writing career gets back on track.

I can’t wait…


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