Keep On Keepin’ On

keep-on-keepin-on-1I was lucky enough last week to enjoy a whole week of holidaying at home. I live in a sleepy little town called Cowes, on the north tip of the Isle of Wight, where for most of the year three men and a dog are all I have for distraction. But then, Cowes Week comes…

My sleepy little town turns into Ibiza for one week. The hordes of people come mainly for the yachting regatta, one of the largest in the world, but the bars and entourage make it party central on the quayside too. As I’m not a sailor I can only go to the bars.

So, I decided in advance that I would cancel anything major and enjoy the week guilt-free. I didn’t realise this would mean that I spend the next week almost liver-free. I had a great sleep last night and now feel fully charged for the work I want to complete by the end of the year.

I’ve been living this new life of mine now for two years and the one thing, which makes me more contented than anything else, is the knowledge of finally finding something I love. I’m more motivated now to be a quality, best-selling writer than I’ve ever been and I can’t wait for that moment of each day when I sit down in front of the keyboard.

I still have an ambitious end to the year planned and I want to get cracking on it. My strategy has always been; keep writing books and getting better. Marketing has started to raise it’s head a little and I need to be conscious of that in some way but for me, right now, the most important thing is to be a writer.

Plaster Scene

First on the list is the book which I started writing way back in 2009. It’s obviously been through a serious makeover since then but the title has definitely stayed the same. This is really close to happening now. I wanted to publish before the summer holidays but in the grand scale of things, c’est la vie, it’s not like any bombs have gone off or anything. It’s more important that it’s right.

I’m waiting on the words coming back from my patient and busy editor who is doing the best she can, and I’m also waiting on the cover coming back from my disorganised arty friend who is doing the best he can. Once both of these are completed I can then polish it up and get it out there.


The Christmas Number One

This was the book I released last year, a week before Christmas. I want to update the cover on it this year so it fits with the same theme as the other two and then make it available in paperback as well. While I’m doing this facelift I’ll take the opportunity to revise the odd bits here and there too.


Blind Faith

This is going to be my third novel. I have a really great idea already in my mind and I want to get started on the first draft. My aim is to complete the first draft by the end of the year. This is really providing the main motivation for finishing off the other two projects. I can’t wait to get back to a first draft, blank canvas again.

So, all in all, I’m on it. It seems like I’ve been treading water for a few weeks and I have, to be fair, but now I’m ready to turn it up again for the rest of the year. As always, I’ll keep you posted.


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