The Writer’s Room

004I’ve recently become part of a marketing group for fellow writers. It’s called Writer’s Room and it’s based in The New Forest, not far from where I live. At the moment there are 29 other authors included and this number is growing.

The main purpose of the group is to encourage better marketing of our books. The one problem I’ve noticed with self-publishing is the capacity you have to market your work. I’ve complained on this blog before about the lack of time available to market effectively and how any sort of marketing takes you away from the business of writing books. Hopefully, this group will help.

As well as the website, which includes links to all books written by the authors, the group also arranges a presence at physical events. They’ve already attended a few book fairs and have more in the pipeline. These book fairs are reasonably local and will force me to take action.

Book fairs, and other trade fairs, are definitely on my list eventually, but at the moment I’d look pretty sad if I was just sat behind a table with a couple of books to my name. In order to look the real deal, you have to create the perception of being a successful author. One necessity here is a collection of different books. So, in the mean time, this group is perfect for me to get involved with.

Also, the cost of a pitch at these physical events can overpower any profits you hope to make, but with a group of like-minded people the cost can be shared.

Another benefit of the group is a shared responsibility to post reviews about other member’s work. Reviews are one of the key selling points on websites like Amazon, so the more favourable reviews you can collect the better.

I’ll let you know how I get on with this project as it develops. The last experience I had with someone’s group was a disaster and all it ended up doing was feeding one person’s ego. I think it probably still is.


6 responses to “The Writer’s Room

  1. Of course I think it is great. I will ask our other writers to share on twitter and face book. As you know, not everybody will be as active as we are, But we have a ‘group’ within this group who really do think alike. It will work, I am sure of it. I will come up with more ideas how to promote our books.

  2. Hi Michael, you’ve made a key point here on the benefits of sharing. As self-published (or any type of) writer, it’s easy to get lost in vast array of work out there, especially if you’re new to the field. Working together, individuals can help each other and be more visible. Thanks for this post.

  3. Glad to see you’ve joined us, Michael and look forward to meeting you at one of the fairs in the near future.

  4. This sounds like a great idea. I’ve signed up so I’m hoping to keep up-to-date on it. I believe that the singer, Rumer, lived in the area too; very talented and became more well known in the past 4years! Must be something in the air.

  5. Great comments. Yes, merging efforts in 1 place at 1 time is bound to help spread the word that your work (and the other authors’ works) are worthwhile.

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