Divine Intervention

images-6Who knows where any of it comes from? Paul McCartney had the idea for ‘Yesterday’ in a dream. You can rack your brains trying to think up a really good idea for months and months then all of a sudden the whole thing comes to you in a flash.

I’m nearing the end of my second novel, Plaster Scene, and was going to take a few weeks off to enjoy the island summer, but then it came. It appeared initially as a noise in the dark, and then took the form of a shy knock at the door, but then it exploded into the house with an almighty roar.

There’s no doubt about it, it’s an idea, in fact it’s more than that, it’s a great idea. It came fully formed and the more I looked at it, the greater it became. It had a title, four perfectly formed characters, a love story, adversity, comedy value, a structure, I mean it, the works.

So, now I can’t wait to get it on like donkey kong. I haven’t written a first draft of a novel for about eighteen months. That big, blank canvas just waiting to be painted on. This is exciting.

I’m still waiting for Plaster Scene to come back from people before I can take it home but as soon as it does I’m on it. I want to complete it asap so I can begin this next project. I haven’t had this level of motivation for ages.

The only thing I’m giving you at the moment is the title, it’s going to be called… ‘Blind Faith’. Oh yeah… do you know what I mean?


4 responses to “Divine Intervention

  1. Sometimes when I get inspiration like this it’s pure joy, then other times I’m like ‘not right now’. I think some stories just need to be written. It may not be the best time for us, but as writers we’re weak to the characters screaming in our heads to get out. I know that remark sounds insane, but a writer is a different type of person, per my husband. Good luck with the new work in progress.

  2. That’s great news.I was getting a little concerned about there being no mention of the next book.So good luck with the new venture, all us readers will be with you every step of the way!

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