Summer Lovin’

Willow lined streamThe summer’s here and it’s made everything seem nice again. The smell of seaweed is drifting in through the window, mixed with freshly cut grass and the scent of Sainsbury’s SPF15. It was always my plan to finish my next novel before the summer holidays began and I’m now just over a week away.

The whole point of choosing a lifestyle that works for you is that you can ebb and flow through the year. You have to be super-disciplined in the work times to be able to sit down and get stuff done, but then you earn a rest at the good times.

There’s a heatwave in progress at the moment in the UK. Now, let me explain to those of you that live in the US, the UK is not constantly like Four Weddings and a Funeral. It is not a country bathed in a summer’s glow, where we sit next to streams under willow trees and watch dragonflies flit across the surface.

I’ve only experienced one day like this in my life and, if I remember correctly, I was bitten by mosquitoes.

Heatwave’s, like the Olympics, come around once every four years, which means that for three years we watch and listen as the rest of the world complain about how hot things are. But, on that fourth year, we Brits fill our boots.

I remember when I had a proper job and the feeling I had of experiencing nice summers from inside. There was this sense of frustration, as if life itself was passing me by, and regardless of the stolen hours that I could fit into the day it never seemed enough. Now, that’s all different.

In the words of 10cc, ‘I don’t like cricket… I love it,’ and at the moment the finest spectacle in cricket is happening. England play Australia for The Ashes every couple of years, or thereabouts, and if it lands during a heatwave then all the better. Again, for my friends across the pond, cricket is like baseball but it goes on for five days and often ends in a draw… but the drama is sublime.

Anyway, I’ve been concentrating on watching the cricket for the last couple of weeks because my novel is in the enviable position of being away with others. I’m waiting for the proofread version to come back from Lian, my exclusive editor, to whom I’m forever grateful and know she is completing it as quickly as she can. I’m also waiting for the cover to be finalised from my oldest and dearest friend who happens to live on the other side of the world these days and, therefore, doesn’t currently have a heatwave.

When their tasks are complete, I’ll be left with the final lap of reading through it once again and setting up all of the publishing routes. I’m hoping that the sun has returned to it’s normal place behind the clouds by then, and I can concentrate on work once again.


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