The Adventures of Eddie Tin

red_pencilI’m knee deep at the moment in editing my next novel, Plaster Scene. It’s been a long process as always and I’ve reached the point where I got to last time, I’m desperate to get it finished. 

I think I have one more week of this draft before I send it off to my lovely editor to polish the turd. Hopefully, that means I’ll still be on track for a summer release. Given that the front cover is going to have a beach hut on the front (a subliminal message for a holiday read) then the summer is the perfect time to get it out. 

There’s a couple of new things I’m trying with this editing process that I’ve not done before. The first one is to check my use of adverbs, the way that I explained in my post last week, and secondly, I’m trying to remove as much telling as possible and put in more dialogue instead. 

I write comedy fiction so the dialogue definitely quickens up the pace and makes the story more entertaining to the reader. The classic adage, show don’t tell, is becoming my mantra. 

This book is funny and it’s going to be so much better than my last offering, I just want to make sure I do it justice. I’ve got ideas for the next book but it’s all getting shelved at the moment while I finish the current one. 

It’s been so long since I’ve written a first draft, with no restraints, no limits, just white page and freedom. Editing two novels at once was a mistake, one that I won’t repeat again but I’m near the end now and soon I’ll be able to throw off the editing shackles. 

I’m really motivated at the moment, I’ve even stopped drinking temporarily, and I’m  sprinting for the finish line full pelt. It won’t be long now, just – a – bit – more…


3 responses to “The Adventures of Eddie Tin

  1. barbara johnson

    I was not able to download your ‘Walk in the Park’ to Self Publishing when I first subscribed to your posts. Now your site won’t let me download, says I’m already subscribed. (Either your system, or mine, was not cooperating that day.)

  2. My goodness, you MUST be serious about finishing if you;’ve stopped drinking….even if just temporarily!
    Go for it Mike…..nearly there I’m sure.
    By the way,, could you aim to have the book out before 27th July please? I’m off on a short river cruise and need something to read!

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