Let Me Entertain You – The Reason I Want To Write

robbie_07Someone asked me a question the other day about why I wanted to be a writer. I’ve been obsessed with wanting to become one for so long now but it actually took me a while to boil down the exact reason. I thought, and I thought, but all I could come up with were clichéd reasons about being free and living some made up millionaires lifestyle, which even I know would be hard to do unless your Dan Brown or JK Rowling.

Goals and dreams are important to me. Between them they have managed to turn my life around from one heading towards a gloomy path to retirement, to a road of opportunity and excitement. But… why is it that I actually want to become a writer?

I’ll tell you, shall I? After a long time deliberating, I actually think that the main reason that I love writing and cannot think of a better way of spending the rest of my life is simply that I want to entertain people.

When I was younger I used to act, never anything too grand but through school and college, I even have an A-Level in Theatre Studies. When I left college I started an indie band and we played live for over ten years. Then, one day, all of that finished and I had no outlet. I had no way of entertaining people.

Some people would assume that I’m obviously a creative dynamo for doing all of this in my short past but I don’t feel that’s true. I think the main reason why I find myself attracted to this type of past time is the audience. It’s a craving I have, like a drug, to seek an immediate external response.

I don’t think this is a dangerous thing, like I need external praise or I just won’t be able to exist, but I love being able to make people happy. It makes me feel great when other people feel great because of me.

So, the good thing now is that I know why I want to be a writer. This is the main essence of who I am. The one sentence that goes to my very soul and displays my purpose. Now I know this, then this is what I’ll be focussing on from now on without any of that other chaff surrounding it.

It’s not about money, it’s not about success, it’s not about a lifestyle, and it’s definitely not about a sense of freedom (Jesus, how free can I be?) It’s simply about getting as perfect as I can be at entertaining someone, making them escape or feel happy for a while. That’s it and, trust me, that’s enough for me.

What d'you think?

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