Life Is Good!!

skip-hire-birkhamstead-from-topskips.com_‘While travelling along the road of life, don’t concentrate on the potholes that divert your path, focus on the joy of the unbroken tarmac instead.’

It’s so easy to be affected by the small, inconsequential irritants which impact your life. It’s easier to get bogged down by these things because they’re always rammed up in your face for immediate attention.

Perhaps your kids are doing things you don’t want them to, perhaps you’ve forgotten to do something which has meant your wife is mad with you, perhaps you’re not earning enough money to be able to do all the things you want to do, perhaps you’ve accidentally hurt someone’s feelings, perhaps the weather isn’t sunny when it should be, perhaps you’re not feeling perfectly well, perhaps you’ve not stuck to a promise which you made to yourself. But, I suppose none of this matters…

I’m so lucky to be living in a place where I want to be, there’s no war threatening my life or my family’s, we have enough of everything we could ever need, I spend more time laughing than I do crying, any change I wish to make is in my own hands so if I don’t like something then I can change it. Life is good.

Being a writer means that I spend most of the time on my own. I used to be a classic extrovert but I’ve now changed into a contented introvert. I like being by myself, I love the process of writing in an imaginary world and being completely absorbed by it. But, by being on your own, there are less external factors which can influence your mood. It’s easier to sink into a depressive reverie.

But, life is good… When you find yourself worried, or concerned about one of life’s little things which threatens to overpower your perspective, think about Bob Marley.

‘Singing don’t worry, about a thing, ‘cos every little thing’s gonna be alright…’ 


One response to “Life Is Good!!

  1. That Bob Marley song was a mantra for my late husband!………kept him going all along his long and winding road.
    Love the potholes picture……..looks even worse than the lane to our house ……here, not in Southampton.

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