FREE Self-Publishing Ebook Available When You Join

witp3dI’ve always wanted my own army of followers. If I was born in the old days I would have had to take over a small country in order to do so, but nowadays the equivalent to raping and pillaging is much more civilised. As you will see on the right-hand side, there is now a FREE ebook available if you subscribe to this blog.

The book will take you through the entire process from writing in Scrivener to publishing both ebooks and paperbacks. It’s a collection of blog posts, tidied up and filed in some kind of a logical order. I hope you enjoy it.

I apologise to anyone who is already subscribed. You will need to join again in order to collect the free book.


8 responses to “FREE Self-Publishing Ebook Available When You Join

  1. Great idea to gain a following. I look forward to reading the book. Have a great day counting the new followers…

  2. Thank you very much Michael for offering us this wonderful guide!

    May I ask you a question?
    Although I’m not writing in Markdown into Scrivener, I’ve started to do most of my writing in Markdown in other apps and then I import my work into Scrivener in order to organize my book, amend it, proof-read it and so forth, right.
    I therefore NEED to set Scrivener preferences so that the first lines of my paragraphs don’t get indented (since Markdown doesn’t let us do so).
    Hence my question (I’ve never submitted a book for electronic publication before): Is it problematic not to have the first line of our paragraphs NOT indented as far as publishers’ requirements are concerned?

    Note: it seems that Sigil can help in case we have to modify the mentioned setting if publishers don’t accept it, but I prefer to check with you beforehand and I remain open to any suggestions you might have.


    • Hi,

      The first line indent is not so much of an issue when you’re publishing, as long as you set the pages to ‘As Is’ during the Compile process. That way you can choose whichever size indent you prefer.

      If you’re choosing to write in another piece of software first then I suggest you keep it the same, keep pasting it across and then once you have the complete manuscript in Scrivener you can adjust it to your choice.

      I’ve heard of paragraph indents being a problem when converting Word files to epub’s but you don’t have the same issues when using Scrivener.

      Hope this helps,


  3. So does that mean I have to ‘unfollow’ to ‘follow’ you to get the free book? 🙂

  4. Did you get my question yesterday about paragraphs first line indentation as far as publisher requirements are concerned?
    Please let me know.
    And once again, thanks for your book.

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