Update on The Great Corporate Escape

Great Corporate EscapeMy first novel The Great Corporate Escape is going to be launched imminently. It’s all very exciting. Ridley Scott is waiting on the end of a phone in Hollywood, Steven Spielberg keeps ringing the doorbell, and Danny Boyle keeps appearing in my wardrobe. They’re all very excited too.

It’s been such a long journey and, although I’ve learnt a whole bunch of stuff, I can’t wait to get it out of the way. I really want to move forward with the next book that’s nearly finished after this, and then start on the new idea that I’m forming in the back of my mind, and then… and then…

It’s hard to truly enjoy this achievement because of how much more I’d like to do but I should try and take a step back.

Firstly, I’ve finally written a  proper novel. When I was working in my old career this point appeared to be a few lifetimes away so I’m proud of that. I know it’s a first novel and subsequent books will be better but I’m still happy with how it’s turned out.

Secondly, I love the cover. I’ve worked with one of my oldest and best friends who has designed and prepared it all for me. I really like the theme and all of my books will continue in this vein. I love the fact that we’ve been able to work together on it, and I hope that we can follow that on for many years to come.

Thirdly, I finally have something to sell. I’ve been talking about my books for over a year without being able to show anything and now I can hopefully start getting somewhere. Being a self-published writer is half about writing and the other half is about being an entrepreneur. I heard that mix along time ago but now I can start on the other half as well.

So, it’s not too bad but I’m still going to be pushing on with the next one, and the one after that, and the one after that.

The book is currently available in a few places online but not everywhere and I’m still waiting to agree the paperback. I want it all to be ready before I really push it and when it’s all finally set, you will hear about it on here first.


10 responses to “Update on The Great Corporate Escape

  1. Congratulations on another exciting step forward.

  2. Woo hoo! Congrats, and looking forward to more info.

  3. I can’t wait….going on hols in june so want it next to my sun lounger by then!! X

  4. I also longed to put my book online, so I could move onto the next, but my time is now spent marketing. Hopefully, I can tone things down in that department now, spend less time marketing and more time fine tuning the next book. Good luck with this book. I look forward to your ‘pubilshed’ announcement.

  5. Michael are you still thinking about a children’s book? I have a friend who teaches Intensive Interaction……might she be a helpful contact for you?
    Great Escape?…………………GOT IT! Not started it yet as finishing something else but yours is next on my ‘To read…’ list and then I’ll, of course, do a review. CONGRATS again.
    Onwards and upwards…..you could always take on a teaching role as well……..so many people seem to have benefited from your explanations of your own new learning!
    I know, I know, one thing at a time…………..and that book cover is just SO good!

    • I’ve never heard of ‘intensive interaction’ but she sounds like a good contact anyway. I’ve finished the writing of the book now, and Claire is working with a girl that she cares for on the illustrations. When it’s completed it maybe useful to understand more of what your friend does.

      Thanks for buying the GCE, I hope you enjoy it. (especially the name of the company) 🙂

      Also, I saw the review on Amazon.com for the xmas book, thank you.

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