How Do You Get Page Numbers Included In Your eBook?

page numbersThroughout history there have been groups of people that have searched for the hidden secrets to life. This was slightly easier to do when all you had was a load of medieval tykes running around hiding things in altars. But in the modern day secrets should be relatively easy to come by, especially if you’re really looking.

However, one elusive question seems to evade a community of writers. How do you get page numbers included in your self-published eBook through KDP? There are some that know the answer but their clues are as ambiguous as a troll’s who waits under a bridge. I have searched the super highway for the answer to this enigma and below are my findings.

Firstly it is worth noting that there are Kindle books that can be bought from Amazon that have these included. This is not a wild goose chase. There has to be a way. So, let’s look at the evidence…

APNX Files

Firstly, there is a myth that has been devised by devious nerds to throw simple, non-technical writers off the scent. This myth is called the APNX File. There is such a thing, its existence is not in doubt, but it is not what you’re looking for.

I think you can attach an APNX file to a Kindle book when you put documents on to your own Kindle but you cannot upload one of these through KDP, so forget it. I have trawled through many techy forums that leave you with a sense of feeling mucky, as if you have just walked into a teenage boys bedroom with his pants littering the floor. There are programmes that can be interpreted by Games Workshop dwellers but, to us that live in the normal world, you might as well put up photos of your pretend girlfriend to help us.

The ISBN File

There is a trail and, if you follow this trail, it will lead you to the promised land. It is called, ‘Page Numbers Source ISBN‘ and it can be found in the product details section of a book on Amazon. This is the answer but don’t get too excited.

Amazon will included a page numbers map to your eBook if it is linked to a print book. The mechanism for doing this is the ISBN number. However, there is no field to enter the ISBN number for the print book in KDP. I assume it links it by author name, title, etc.

I have looked across a number of books on Amazon. Some have this field populated and some don’t. It seems hit and miss. There are books that have an eBook, Paperback, traditionally published and yet don’t have page numbers; alas there are also books that are self-published, have a print book through Create Space and have page numbers included.

It may be too elusive for me. Someone asked this very question in the KDP forum and it received no answer, but with a comment ‘was this answer helpful to you?’ It seems as though Amazon are acting cagey on purpose. Perhaps they know the power that such knowledge will bestow upon us. Anyway, I give up.

If someone does know the answer to this conundrum then please pass it on… even if you have to kill us as soon as you’ve told us.


4 responses to “How Do You Get Page Numbers Included In Your eBook?

  1. I for one will be delighted when a solution is found………….giving me a % of how much I’ve read is NO use at all…………when reading War and Peace it’s quite depressing to see how much is left! Mind you………….page numbers can also have the same effect on me!
    When you hold a book you can judge where you are by the thickness of pages left to read, that’s the one fault I’ve found with kindles…the weight never changes and neither does the thickness of the pages left… I need (?) the page number/% to help out with the disorientation.
    …or maybe I should just get out more?……it’s the story that counts not the numbers of pages left to go!
    …………..and how I DON’T miss teenaged boys bedrooms…….you’ve got ALL that to look forward to Michael. Those are rooms that also should be flushed down the toilet!

  2. Good topic. I’m staying tuned here… and if I find the answer by accident I’ll report back too.

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