What Marketing Materials Are Needed To Sell Your Book?

promotionmainAs I get near to the end of editing my book, my mind is beginning to turn to how I’m going to market it. Firstly, it’s going to be great to actually have a product to talk about because for a year I’ve just been selling a dream.

I can’t wait to actually be able to talk to people about my book. There are more ways to market a book than you can shake a stick at but what will I need for starters in order to set myself up.

Press Pack

Assuming that online marketing is all very important, but obvious routes like Twitter are saturated with shitty authors selling shitty books all of the time, I need to be able to try different things in this space. In order to be prepared for online marketing, a press pack is vital. This needs to include:

  • A Biography
  • At least one photo
  • A synopsis of the book
  • The cover of the book
  • Standout reviews of the book
  • Interview questions and answers which will make it easy to include on other’s sites
  • A video of me talking about it.
  • Anything else I can think of…


Online is great and you can reach the whole world which is even better but you can’t beat pressing the flesh. That face-to-face connection can happen instantaneously and provide loads more sales because you’ve secured a champion of your work.

Posters will be vital because I want to do signings, I want to go to trade fairs, I want to go in to bookshops, all of these things will need advertising. There’s two types of posters that I can think of; there are the posters which will advertise the event – the cover of the book with white gaps where I can write the time and place of the event; and also, posters that I can sit in front of when I’m at the event – simply the cover but maybe with a bit more text on them (reviews etc.)

Business Cards

I talk to a lot of people in my day to day life and I’m not suggesting that you should sell to friends deliberately, because that’s crass and desperate, but these people are ready made champions for your work. Whenever I talk to people I will inevitably talk about my books because it’s always me, me ,me but I then want to give them something to remember it by. Business cards are perfect because you can carry them on you and they’re easy for the other person to keep hold of too.

Pen Drive Gifts

My book will be available in both eBook format and Paperback on all major selling websites across the world but there’s another way to get your book to people. A bestselling author that I know called Andrew Lucas had a great idea that I will definitely nick. Credit card size pen drives, on which you can store all digital formats of your book. The pen drive is printed with your book cover on and it becomes a tangible object that holds your digital book. Perfect for gifts, give-aways, and just to sell as a gimmick.


Once it’s out there I will also record an audiobook. Who knows? The more places it pops up the better it’ll be.

Hopefully my ideas may give you some ideas but if you have any other ones then please let me know, I’m all ears.


4 responses to “What Marketing Materials Are Needed To Sell Your Book?

  1. Great ideas I’ll refer to later when I’m at your phase.

  2. I’m at a similar point right now where my novel is in rewrites, but I’m also planning for the future. I am lucky to have a friend who is a wonderful artist, and she is working on some sketches for me to incorporate into the cover and other marketing pics. Will certainly need signage for book signing and conventions.

    I love the pendrive idea. Put your book and some goodies on it, like a slick wallpaper or audio file with you reading a passage or two. I’m buy something like that for $10 at a convention instead of a book. You could still have to author sign it too. Awesome idea.

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