Progress on The Great Corporate Escape

GCE Cover Design Proof 27 2Books are like buildings. Well, they’re not really, they’re a bit flatter and usually not as heavy but let me explain. They take ages to build, they start with a plan, then foundations that need to be built on, eventually the thing starts taking shape but the closer you get to the finish the more impatient you get. You see, I was going somewhere with it.

I’m at the stage of getting impatient now. I’m on what is probably the fourth draft, the cover is looking fine and I just need to finish the bloody thing and get it proofread for my awful grammatical handicap.

I’m so close though.

My initial target was the end of February but as usual life gets in the way. I’ve had a more successful than expected start to the year for my coaching business which means that I’ve spent more time on it. Given that this earns money I can’t turn away from it.

However, I still hope to have this book out in a months time. The story is holding together much better and I think there are actually some good bits. I will keep you posted on any developments…



2 responses to “Progress on The Great Corporate Escape

  1. Good new re progress……..!
    ………..and there was I thinking the book was going to be ready by my birthday!
    I note that the cover design has also changed……….is it still the same designer or has he changed as well? Don’t misunderstand me………I like the cover…………

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