A Book Of Valentine’s Themed Short Stories

LIITA3There has been another release from the prolific Short Stories Group. This time all of the short stories are centred around the theme of Valentine’s Day and love is well and truly in the air. Any money received from the book will be donated to Diabetes UK which means a great deal to one of our best authors, Angela Kelman.

Included in this edition are 13 completely different stories from 13 different authors. A number of genres are represented giving the reader a little bit of everything to get them in the mood for love.

You can get it from Amazon UK here,

Or, Amazon US here.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not particularly mad for Valentine’s Day. To me it’s always been this horribly contrived day where kids send minging teddy bears to each other, you know the bears with generic sentiments written on the feet. I know all about them because once upon a time I went through a stage of buying these horrible gifts for girls.

As you get older you start to realise what’s important about love and what’s clearly not. The days you choose to celebrate each year stop being influenced by Tesco’s.

Having said all of this I feel that I should say something in its defence. If there is a day set aside to remind us all of the importance of love then Valentine’s Day has it sewn up. Instead of being irritated by teenagers sending stuffed toys to each other I could choose to embrace it, after all there are worst things they could be doing.

I think if it was celebrated in a less cheesy way then I would be more likely to get on board with it. Love hearts, roses, cupids and verse. Seriously, it’s as if Disney have invented a time-machine and transported back to the early 19th Century, collected a load of cards and then mass produced them in the modern day. You get Valentine’s themed kids pyjamas. I don’t get it.

My rant is over and I want to remind you that the book is still fantastic even allowing for my own cynical view of stupid white teddy bears. The story I have included in the book asks the question, ‘if you hide yourself away from the notion of love will it still be able to find you?’


You can buy it from Amazon UK here,

Or, Amazon US here.


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