30 Lessons That I have Learnt From Writing

Writing-writing-31275199-1500-1004Things are starting to come together with my first novel The Great Corporate Escape. I’m still a good month away with a fair wind but it all seems to be falling into place now.

I have learnt so many lessons with this book and I have shared them on here as I have gone along. There’s bound to be more between now and when I publish but here’s a list of 30 that come to mind.

30 Lessons I have learnt

  1. Planning is the most important part to writing a novel
  2. With direction the words come faster
  3. If it’s boring to write then it’s really boring to read
  4. Read as much of your genre as possible
  5. Read other books on writing to give you ideas
  6. The more that writing becomes part of your everyday life the more chance you give your writing voice to emerge
  7. Only work on one book at a time, give it everything and then move on
  8. Make your own deadlines and stick to them
  9. Dream of success every single day
  10. Have complete confidence in what you are doing
  11. Don’t consider writing as work, it’s not, and that’s why it’s so good
  12. Think before you speak, think again before you write
  13. Do something every single day towards your goal and you’ll reach it
  14. Cut down editing time by knowing where the book’s going in the first place
  15. Re-plan rather than re-write
  16. Get someone else to do your cover unless you used to be a designer
  17. Pay real money to get your words edited by a professional
  18. Treat your writing seriously and enjoy every minute of it
  19. Write the best book you can, ultimately that will be all you’re judged on
  20. Don’t cut corners because it will show
  21. It’s better to take a month longer and be finished
  22. Listen to advice even when it’s not asked for
  23. Get as many people as you can to read your book
  24. Think about how you’re going to sell the book when it’s done
  25. Listen to people that have already achieved what you want
  26. Don’t listen to any of the doubters, there’ll be too many to pay notice to
  27. Don’t worry about success, just keep believing
  28. All you have to do is turn up everyday and do your thing, no excuses
  29. Be realistic with your time and don’t overstate how productive you’ll be
  30. Find the best way of working for you



3 responses to “30 Lessons That I have Learnt From Writing

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  2. I found your blog by chance. But I’m glad I did. This is pretty good advice for someone that wants to start writing.

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