What Is Romance Anyway?

romanceHot on the back of my Christmas Short Story Collection called The Christmas Number One (Available still on Amazon UK and Amazon US), I am currently busy writing another short that will be included in a Valentine’s Day Anthology from the Short Stories Group.

I don’t even like Valentine’s Day which is funny given that for the last two days I’ve been writing a story that carries the spirit of what the day means to me. Is Valentine’s Day not just some commercial nonsense that was made up about a hundred years ago by a jewellery company anyway? That’s romantic.

Romance doesn’t come from some standard set of expectations. It can’t be enforced. Romance, if there is such a thing, is all about taking your loved one by surprise. (come on, I thought you were above that!)  Spontaneity is the key. Giving flowers on the 12th of October, for no reason at all, that’s romantic. Giving them on the 14th of February, that’s being a sucker.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to listen to me on this subject matter. No one has ever complained that I am, ‘just too romantic’ nor have they received flowers on the 12th of October from me instead. But I’m pretty sure I’m right. 🙂

Anyway, the book is due to be published on the 8th of February, just in time for Valentine’s Day, and will offer a large collection of work from new authors. If the previous two anthologies are anything to go by, the content will be diverse and of a high quality.

Here are links to the previous two instalments from the Short Stories Group:

Out of Darkness – Halloween Related Stories

A Festive Feast – Christmas Related Stories



4 responses to “What Is Romance Anyway?

  1. Where’s the main book? You don’t mention it anymore…………..i’m worried! SO worried that I’m taking a vodka and tonic earlier than usual!!!
    I’ll look forward to the short story, of course,but what’s happening on the corporate escape front……….if that’s still what it’s called?

  2. Can’t wait to read it! I have one in “A Festive Feast” and am working on one for the Valentine’s edition also, but I haven’t ran it across Vanessa yet, so not sure if it will fit 🙂

    • Likewise. I missed out on The Festive Feast because my own book took so long but it’s good to be included again for the Valentine’s one. I’m looking forward to reading them all. 🙂

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