My Goals for 2013

IMG_3504As I explained in yesterday’s post, about the secret to achieving yearly targets, I hold a lot of importance in the planning stage. Without plans, our goals will just slip by and never come in to our reality. I promised to share mine today, so below  is a snapshot of my year.

I used to hate planning, it was the most un-rock n’ roll thing I could think of. What happened to spontaneity and just seeing how things panned out? But I realised a few years ago that without plans you have no idea where you’re going to end up and, although that’s exciting in the short-term, it’s not great when you look back ten years from now. I started goal-setting in detail and guess what, I started achieving those goals. Now I’m convinced that this is the only way to be a success. You have to know what you’re going after.

Here are my goals:


This is my main focus and if everything else fell by the wayside, if I achieved these targets then I would be happy.

5 Published Books in 2013:

  1. Plaster Scene (Novel)
  2. The Great Corporate Escape (Novel)
  3. Change (Non-Fiction Self-Help Guide)
  4. Novella 1 (First of a new series of shorter, half-novel length stories)
  5. Novella 2 (Second in series)

3 or 4 Short Stories included in anthologies


I’ve enjoyed writing this blog for the last 6 months and I’ve made it part of my daily routine. I want to keep this going and build it up even further. The niche I have carved out for the blog that I want to focus on is self-publishing help and my own personal voyage along it. Main audience is other writers but hopefully will attract readers when the books begin to be published. In order to achieve what I want from this I have made the following goals:

  1. Post new material 5 days a week
  2. Attempt one Guest Blog on another site once a month
  3. Make an eBook available for free if you subscribe
  4. Look at potential of advertising by the end of the year (I don’t want to compromise the look and feel of the site though)

Coaching Business

I have my own coaching business as well, which is separate to my writing, and focuses on helping others to break out of the mould and achieve what they want. I’m obviously passionate about this and enjoy the sense of reward and motivation that I get from it. I want this business to occupy one day a week of my time. I don’t want anymore clients than this because it will distract from my main focus of writing but it’s great for cash-flow. I have a number of financial goals that I’ve set but here are some others:

  1. Focus all marketing on niche
  2. Integrate Change Book in to business
  3. Organise more speaking engagements

Family Life and Relationships

This is very important to me and one of the main reasons why I changed from my other life. The challenge for me this year is to be more productive in the times that I have set out for work so that I am free, and stress-free, for my family in their times.


I want to keep a general level of fitness and I also want to swim across The Solent in the summer. The specific goals for this are:

  1. Swim once a week
  2. Run once a week
  3. Play football once a week

Personal Development

This is covered in both writing and coaching, but needless to say, I’m new to most things so I spend a hell of a lot of time reading advice and information by others that have already been there. I’m also going to look at a Change Management course this year.


I need my time-out just like the next man. The problem with doing all of this just for myself is that it’s very easy to disappear up your own…. and forget about unwinding. So, this category is here just to allow me to be able to spend some time on the things I love without feeling guilty.


Just to prove the extent to which I have a Planning OCD, below is a graph that shows the balance across my life measured by hours spent per week. This is important though to ensure that you are giving a suitable amount of time to all areas otherwise one them is going to crash at some point.


This feels about right for me. Everyone will be different and that’s ok but this is the balance that I’m after. I love my family, I love my work and I understand the importance of staying fit and healthy.

Everyone of these goals are factored down to weekly targets that I monitor very closely. I have reminders on my phone that I can’t clear until they’re completed. 2013 is going to be a great year, it’s a builder and I can’t wait. My life is going to look very different by the end of it, a lot more like I want it to look and I’m already happy at the thought of that.

What do you think?


4 responses to “My Goals for 2013

  1. Hi Michael, I wanted to have a guest post once a month from people on my blog that I meet over my first year and writers whose work I really enjoy. I will announce the series to correspond with my first year anniversary which is in February. Can I put you on the list?

  2. Excellent, well-defined goals. I’m looking forward to the publication of your novels and to continue learning from your blog this year!

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