***The First Book Is Published***

TCNO eBook Cover… and breathe. At long last, finally, eventually, after some time, the first book out of the Holley stable is released. The Christmas Number One (and other Christmas Stories) is now available for download on Amazon.

I had set myself a challenge to publish a Christmas book within two weeks and I achieved it last night, after a fifteen hour workday. I have learnt a whole bag of tricks, and a whole load of other stuff that I’d be happy to never see again. I will be sharing the specific writing and self-publishing lessons on this blog for the rest of the week but for today I feel a need to shout from the rooftops.

mugshotIt’s a book about Christmas, what an incredible coincidence, so if you’re not in the mood already then this is exactly what you need. It costs less than half a pint and promises to give you an unbridled sense of euphoria. Below is the official ‘Product Description’ but, as we’re friends, let me just tell you that it has five different stories and there’s a bit for everyone in there. There’s funny bits, sad bits and kind of odd bits that, to be honest, I have no idea if people will laugh or cry at. With more releases due in early 2013, think of this as the perfect gateway drug for your new favourite craving.

Also, please please please leave a kind review on Amazon (I’m talking 4/5 stars, it’s Christmas) because the more reviews I get, the better the book will do. Thank you very much, I will genuinely appreciate it.

Click Here to BUY in the UK

Click Here to BUY in the US

The Amazon Product Description is here:

John Lennon claimed that war was over, Wham were lamenting about giving their hearts away and Shane McGowan was being called a cheap lousy faggot, but whichever way you look at it, Slade had it right when they announced, ‘IT”S CHRISTMAS!’

The Christmas Number One is a collection of short stories that promises to entertain you during the cold nights.

Each of the stories included in this book have a theme of morality and righteousness running through them that is felt the world over at Christmas time. They are injected with just the right amount of Christmas spirit to make you laugh and cry, whilst still leaving you warm and fuzzy.

Michael tells five very different stories that are all set within Christmas 2012 and yet take the reader to a variety of places with a resulting mixed bag of emotions.

“The Christmas Number One” – When two of the most influential players in the music industry go head-to-head for the Christmas Number One, who on earth’s going to win? And is it going to be fair?

“Saviour’s Day” – An arrogant, self-centred Premiership footballer avoids going to the Children’s Hospital with the rest of the team at Christmas, but his manager forces him to go on his own.

“White Christmas” – Professor Martin Stevenson is isolated in the Arctic Circle at a meteorological station. On Christmas Day he went for a walk and discovered something that would change his life forever.

“Mistletoe and Wine” – Can too much Christmas spirit be a bad thing? How will family man David Gallagher fare against the persistence and tenacity of the temptress Siobhan?

“The Fairytale of New Sark” – A stranger lands in the small, fishing village of New Sark the night before Christmas Eve. He’s on a mission to make amends but his track record is atrocious.

So, curl up next to an open log fire, make yourself comfortable, pour a glass of something warming and put yourself in the mood, because… IT’S CHRISTMAS!

Click Here to BUY in the UK

Click Here to BUY in the US


3 responses to “***The First Book Is Published***

  1. Congratulations! Just bought it, so will read it tonight……..instead of Ian Rankin! Well done you……………..x

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