The Christmas Number One Again

The Christmas Number One CoverI’ve been totally obsessed with this Christmas book for the last two weeks. When I haven’t been writing, I’ve been thinking about writing. I was enjoying it and I’m now four stories down with one to go, but… I’ve dried up. I want to write five stories because I think that five is a good number; you know, better than four but slightly worse than six.

So far there is a theme,

  • The Christmas Number One
  • Mistletoe and Wine
  • Saviour’s Day
  • White Christmas

You see what I did there? The title story is the Christmas number one and then the other stories are all titles of Christmas number ones. You see what I mean, I’m working at loads of different levels. 🙂

I want to finish by tomorrow. The two weeks will be up and then I can publish over the weekend. At last I’ll have something out there. I just need this one more story. All of the other four bring something slightly different to the party and I want the fifth to stand up amongst them rather than being the runt that was shoved in at the end. Anyway, it will come when least expected. After I post this blog I’m going to look down the list of Christmas Number One’s and see if I can gleam any inspiration.

On another note, someone that will remain nameless said to me yesterday, ‘so, how’s it going?’ and after I had replied that it was okay, they then said, ‘yeah, but you’re not earning the same salary as you were, are you?’ Now, what are you meant to say to something like that? I left a career as a chartered accountant in a massive corporate organisation to sit at home all day and make up stories. If it was that easy to succeed at, then everybody would be doing it. So I ignored them but it still got to me, mind.

Have you ever hit a doubter hard in the face? I would like to hear those stories right now, if you have any?


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