The Christmas Number One

The Christmas Number One CoverWork is still progressing on the Christmas Anthology. After feeling like death last weekend I have now regained my soul and pushed towards the finish line. I now have 5 days left, so is it still possible?

Outstanding Work

  • Writing = 2/5
  • Make the book
  • KDP
  • ISBN No.
  • Synopsis

Three of the stories and the cover is complete.

I originally left 2 days for KDP and this will now have to be squeezed in to a day but I hear of others that say it can be done in an hour so I hope this is still achievable. Making the book and ISBN numbers are only hours if that. The synopsis should take an hour, or two at most.

So, I think it is still achievable. It’s going to be close but all I can do is drive towards finishing the remaining two stories and then see how much time I have left. Wednesday afternoon is a write-off this week because my daughter has her nativity play but apart from that the week’s clear.

The good news is that I’m feeling Christmassy now.

Ding Dong…


One response to “The Christmas Number One

  1. You can’t say you feel christmasy and in the same breath say that a nativity play is a write-off! I know what you mean though. Keep going…well done.

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