Progress on Christmas Anthology

The Christmas Number One CoverI aim to produce a Christmas Anthology of five short stories for next weekend. I’ve been busy all week and I am still going to be busy for the next week but I definitely think this is still achievable.

So far I have written two stories completely and I am half way through the third. By the end of the day I will have three stories completed with a week to go.

I’ve decided on a title – The Christmas Number One (and other Christmas Stories)

And I’ve also created a cover using my domestic illustration team. What do you think? The idea was to make it look like a Christmas Album rather than a book. I like it.

Anyway, I’m off now to write 4,000 words today. Target set. Game on.

3 responses to “Progress on Christmas Anthology

  1. Cutting out the international Illustrator I see! Espionage afoot!
    Just as well seeing as there’s been a typhoon going through his neck of the woods! hopefully it didn’t affect the camp from which he should have now returned.
    I think an opinion on your design is called for, however………
    I thought that, like the Tom Sharpe books of old, you were thinking of cover designs that became part of your identity as a writer?
    Maybe there should be some collaboration between the domestic AND the international teams? I WOULD say that wouldn’t I?
    Keep up the good work on the writing front! I’m keen to make an e-purchase for the 2nd Kindle about to arrive here…..YES, the other member of this household has become a convert!

    • The identity is something that I would like to adhere to as much as possible but times must initially. If it takes off I may well bring in the international team for a new cover if needed. It’s definitely on track though for a release shortly.

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