How Illness Can Help You Prioritise

Photo on 03-12-2012 at 10.45I’ve had a nightmare. Yours truly has been laid up all weekend with a horrible bug which has pretty much incapacitated me. Life has gone by my window, the kids have been kept from my room, I’ve been restricted to water, Lucozade and chicken noodle soup. I’m still in a bad way but I need to get things moving.

I had a coaching client this morning and I was determined to make the appointment but, it was one of those where, I was sat on the sofa in my suit staring at a wall thinking should I really be doing this? I cancelled it and got changed back into my normal clothes and for the first time in three days I’ve dragged myself on to the computer. Me being me though, I have to look for the positives.

Feeling like this forces you to drop several gears, in fact I’m lucky that the engine’s still running, and you need to reassess what you can do. It pulls out your priorities immediately because you really don’t have the energy to do anything more. I’m tired, worn out, have a headache, cold, snivelling, sneezing, tingling down, and annoyed but I have to get on.

My priority right now is the Christmas book that I am going to finish. Everything else can slide but I must do that. It will take me some time but I’m just going to plod on. Every step gets you closer, and all that.

I’m just going to concentrate on this blog, which will become an update of how I’m doing, and the Christmas book. ALTHOUGH, don’t be alarmed. I’m not going to be depressingly writing every day about my poor stinky bug, but I will be keeping the blogs short and sweet so that you can come on the journey with me without running the risk of catching anything.

So far, word count is 3,500. That was on Friday and not been added to since.


3 responses to “How Illness Can Help You Prioritise

  1. Know how you feel….a cold for 3 weeks has blown into a ghastly chest infection, but, with the help of drugs I’m now on the mend! Vitamin C, Sudafed and aspirin should fix you seeing as you’re ‘in your prime’ of life!
    Keep at it it……….the Illustrator will be back from summer camp next week-end and be on your case!
    Funny, I only said to him yesterday…………..”what if the wheels come off Santa’s sleigh? What happens then?”
    come on….up and at it!

  2. I seriously hope you get better, with that said, that is the funniest picture EVER!! Take care ~ Kellee

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