Can I Produce A Christmas Book In 2 Weeks? Here’s The Plan.

That is the question I’m going find out two weeks from today. It has always been my plan to write some short stories and pull them all together in to a perfectly packaged Christmas Anthology and publish it before Christmas. The problem is now the amount of time I have left.

I’ve already thought of the most obvious course of action and apparently it can’t be done. Christmas happens on the 25th of December every year and just because I’ve over run on my other editing work they’re not going to make an exception. Tight, I know, but rules is rules. So, the only thing for it is to seriously get on it. But because I like a plan, I’m going to make one and here it is…

Write Stories

I know what you’re thinking, ‘wow, this guy might actually do this,’ but however facetious you want to be, you can’t deny, it’s definitely a good start. The plan is to write 5 short stories and believe it or not I have 4 ideas already. I’m thinking of each one being around the 4,000-5,000 word mark because I want to sell it at the end and I think that 20,000-25,000 words is a good length to buy.

I don’t want to give the whole thing away because, well,  you wouldn’t have anything to look forward to at Christmas. But I am allowed to tell you that all of the stories will in some way cross over and they are going to be set in the modern day.  That’s it, I can’t tell you anymore because it’s just too dangerous for you.

Planned Time = (5,000 words every 2 days) 5 stories = 10 days


My incredibly handsome, creative BFF that I’ve known since a small child who has incidentally designed the cover for my first novel will undoubtedly rise to this challenge. He doesn’t know about it yet but hopefully he’ll read this and hop to his easel. The problem is that he’s on the other side of the world to me now which means that our conversations always include one of us eating their cereal while the other is halfway through a bottle of wine. Anyway, my big plan is for a cover to materialise itself by next weekend.

Planned Time = About 7 or 8 days (not overlapping with writing time though)

Make the Book

Books in my experience seem to have other stuff at the front and back that I’ve never done before. I’ve have a vague understanding of what goes into this and I’m hoping it’s pretty straight forward to do.

Planned Time = half a day

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) 

Now, I’ve never used this before but I’ve heard a lot of people talking about it. It seems like it’s relatively easy to use, people always use words like ‘bingo’, ‘jiffy’ and ‘jobs a goodun’ when explaining the process, so it can’t be that hard. BUT I know what these tools are like the first time you use them so I know I’m going to have to allow myself a good bit of time to work through it.

Planned Time = 2 days

ISBN Number

Is this overkill or a necessity? I don’t know yet. I need to look ISBN numbers up, but if you have any advice for me in the mean time that would be great. Expect a blog post next week on the said subject.

Planned Time = half a day (and that’s being generous. It can’t take that long, surely?)

Synopsis/Product Description

Every book needs one and it’ll be the little blurb that you can see on Amazon. It needs to be done and I want it to be good copy.

Planned Time = half a day

Total Planned Time

  • Writing = 10 days
  • Make the book = half day
  • KDP = 2 days
  • ISBN No. = half day
  • Synopsis = half day
  • Total = 13 and a half days (Easy, half a day to spare :)) 

I hope it can be done but just in case it actually can’t, I’m going to be doing the writing first so if this starts falling hopelessly behind then I can shoot it humanely in the leg before I take on the rest of it.

I’ll keep you posted each day on my progress, and if you have any advice for me that will make this easier then I would be delighted to hear from you by comments on this blog, Twitter, Facebook, email whatever.

Game on.


9 responses to “Can I Produce A Christmas Book In 2 Weeks? Here’s The Plan.

  1. Ambitious but the plan looks reasonable to someone like me who has no clue! My contribution is to have already sent a text to the handsome artist! I know you wont rely on me though and have already jumped on the phone. Good luck.

  2. I wish you well, Michael, and hope to read your Christmas anthology soon!

  3. The book cover deadline may shift slightly as Mike’s antipodean illustrator is on Year10 camp all next week. Otherwise the timeframes remain plausable if not a lttle ambitious!

  4. Are you SURE he’s not in year 10?

  5. I’ve always loved an optimist…GO Mike Go!

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