The Top 10 Children’s Christmas Books

If you have children, or indeed if you have Christmas, then you need to read these books. This Top 10 is not my own, The Huffington Post posted it a year ago, and some of them I haven’t read yet but with Christmas coming up, and children seeming to always be in my house, what a perfect opportunity.

I’m going to start writing some Christmas stories this week for an Anthology that I hope to get out before the big day. These books will get me in the groove. Also, I’ve stated before that one of my favourite books of all time is a Christmas book (A Christmas Carol) and the season of goodwill doesn’t start for me until I’ve read it. Here’s the chart…

  1. The Night Before Christmas – Clement C Moore
  2. Cops and Robbers – Allan and Janet Ahlberg
  3. The Snowman – Raymond Briggs
  4. A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens
  5. How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Dr Seuss
  6. Letters from Father Christmas – JRR Tolkien
  7. A Child’s Christmas in Wales – Dylan Thomas
  8. The Polar Express – Chris Van Allsburg
  9. The Tailor of Gloucester – Beatrix Potter
  10. Horrible Christmas – Terry Deary and Martin Brown

I don’t know what the justification was for this Top 10, probably just the journalist’s favourites, but it certainly covers the main ones. The other one that I like is The Best Christmas Present in the World by Michael Morpurgo.

The idea of Christmas has transcended well beyond the religious reason for it and  these books support that theory. It’s a beautiful time of the year for so many reasons. People are off work and because of that they can spend more time with their family, so the important parts of life are brought into focus. It’s a time of hope and new beginnings and cherishing the love that’s in your life. It’s about being grateful for what you have (although kids these days may well be upset because of what they didn’t get) and it’s a time for respecting each other.

These books portray those simple ideas and because of this they will last forever. On the big day itself, I want you to notice the pile of freshly unwrapped books that sit neglected by the side of the tree as your children wrestle the next Superhero from it’s box. But you know that the pile will outlive any quick burner. Those same books will live on for the next twenty Christmas’ and that is the real meaning of Christmas, knowing that what you have is beautiful.

Can you add any of your personal favourites to this list, that one special book that gets you in the right frame of mind for the festivities to come?


7 responses to “The Top 10 Children’s Christmas Books

  1. Great selection. Other favourites of mine and my son’s include “Jesus’ Christmas Party” by Nicholas Allen, “Mog’s Christmas” by Judith Kerr and “Jingle Bells” by Nick Butterworth.

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  3. For future reference, when you steal a picture from another website, it’s considered polite to link back to the website you take it from.

    • Sharon,

      Cool library and an absolutely fantastic display of books shaped like a Christmas tree. I doff my cap to our colonials and the amount of time and love spent in creating it. The only thing I’ve ever really stolen was some sweets once when I was about seven.

      I appreciate your aggressive style, the like of which I have not witnessed since I was about seven. I’m glad that you’re out there and policing people’s politeness so effectively.

      I have, of course, taken your advice and linked your fabulous library to the image.

      A thousand and one apologies, and thank you once again for showing me the light.

      Long live Fosters, Dame Edna and Steve Irwin (oh, maybe not the last one).

      And I look forward to The Ashes this summer where I am sure I will observe more fantastic politeness on display.

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