So, You Thought You Knew Me?

Did you think you knew everything about me? In this post I’m going to let you know about the various things that are filling my life as it stands this month. Some things you may be aware of and others will be brand new but I can promise you that all of it will be riveting.Β To any dedicated readers, I’m sorry for not writing a post yesterday but I was inside. Banged up in HMP Isle of Wight.

It was hilarious actually to see a prison from the inside. It’s probably the most testosterone filled environment I have ever witnessed. None of the men had any hair (shaved mainly) like a Right Said Fred convention, and even the women had the wide-footed walk. I never even made it into the inner enclosure where the actual prisoners are kept this was just the staff. I was there promoting my other business but actually would’ve been better promoting it in the pub for what it was worth. At least I consoled myself with the knowledge that it could be stored up as valuable research for one day.


It’s Movember (no spelling mistake) and once again I’ve not been able to resist the annual tache. It’s all for charity, prostate cancer in fact, so please watch out for my updates on Facebook and Twitter. As a cheeky twist this year Dylan, my five-year old son, will be joining me. We’re going to draw a different moustache on the boy every day and let our facial hair imaginations run wild, so watch out for his updates as well.


I’m finishing off the second draft of Plaster Scene and hope to put my pen down on it this weekend. It’s in so much more shape now and I’m definitely becoming a better writer even if I do say so myself. I’m looking forward to sending it out to my collective of beta-readers and hearing their comments. One question that I still have though is the title. I’m now not sure whether Plaster Scene still works. Although it’s a clever play on words I don’t think that it pulls the reader in and it doesn’t entice a potential buyer. My new suggestion is ‘Every Inch Rock n Roll’ and as its about seventies rock star penis moulds this seems more fitting. The jury’s still out.

I’m also aware that The Great Corporate Escape is sat there awaiting another re-write. All of the comments have come back from the beta-readers and it’s just waiting for me to rip it apart again. Luckily the delay is seeming to help my illustrator that has recently fallen off the side of a cliff into oblivion. It’s a good job I wasn’t publishing this month for his sake but that’s what happens when your best mate promises to do your artwork for you. πŸ™‚

A Kids Book

I’ve been asked to write a book for Sophie’s (my daughter’s) school about a field mouse called Trevor. I’ve kept them posted on Trevor’s adventures for the last year in the daily book that gets sent between us and them and now they want to be able to read it to other children. He travelled the world not so long ago and has returned with a Freddie Mercury moustache and a black and white onion sellers T-shirt. God knows the influences he has been subjected to maybe not the type of experiences that should be shared in a children’s book.

Christmas Anthology

I need to think of some crimbo stories that I can put into my first solo release. My plan is to write five short stories, all around 5,000 words long, based on a Christmas theme that will hopefully make you feel warm and fluffy inside. I love Christmas and I also love Charles Dickens, so if it was good enough for him then it’s good enough for me. The problem is that I haven’t thought of one story that I can include yet and this is obsessing my shower time every morning at the moment.

Another Short Story Collective Release

There is also going to be a Christmas book of short stories being released by the short story collective that have recently published a Halloween book. I want to include a story for this as well and once again it needs to have a Christmas theme. I’m finding it very hard to get into the Christmas frame of mind at the moment, perhaps I should put up the decs at home.

Better clarity for my coaching business

In order to make my coaching business work better for me, and take less of my time each week, I want to concentrate on a niche more. The niche will relate directly to the self-help book that I’m going to write in the New Year called Change, and this will then all form part of what I can offer mainly to companies, although 1-2-1 work will still exist. I’ve struggled this year finding my feet in this new venture but now I feel much more comfortable about where that’s heading. I hope to get some talking gigs off the back of the book eventually and this will all align itself.

All of this is taking up my time at the moment and it’s not uncommon for me to be working until the early hours of the morning most nights. I’ve discovered that I actually do love writing which is the only saving grace because it doesn’t make it feel like work. But the original dream I had of being a writer I think actually equates to being a Bestselling writer that can take two years to release one book. That still remains a dream but definitely not the reality.

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my to-do list and if you have any suggestions on any of it then please let me know either by comment or message me. One observation though is that I must be happy with my new life because I wouldn’t have even bored myself on a Friday with my old accountant’s to-do list.


5 responses to “So, You Thought You Knew Me?

  1. Its lucky that the illustrator had some bungy cord and crampons with him to help surmount the said cliff he had fallen from. It has been a long and arduous climb back to my precariously perched cliff top studio, but thankfully my drawing materials were still there and the illustrations can continue…viva la revolution. (Long and short of it, Illustrator has been up to his neck in assessment for past 3 weeks but has emerged into the daylight on the other side yesterday>>>phew). All in hand Mike me old son. Rest assured it’ll be a masterpiece!

  2. I’m just SO pleased with the progress of both the Writer AND the Illustrator. Must dig out the photo I took of you both the day before Uni-life struck! All hail to the brush and the pen!

  3. I did my best. I also take credit for some of YOUR neurones, after all that orange juice and cigarettes!

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