How To Run A Free eBook Promotion on KDP

The collection of short stories called ‘Out of Darkness’ is now available as FREE on Amazon for a limited time. It’s a collection of eight Halloween themed stories that will scare, unnerve, perturb and disturb all readers but primarily it will entertain. The other good news about it is that it includes one of my stories.

It’s the first story that I’ve ever had published and I’m incredibly interested to see how it succeeds. It was launched a week ago on KDP and as a standard benefit you  can receive five days worth of FREE promotion if you want. Vanessa Wester, who co-ordniated and compiled the book, has correctly chosen to use three days worth of the FREE promotion in the lead up to Halloween on Wednesday.

The promotion itself is straight-forward to set up. You select the dates you want it to run, from and to, in KDP and that’s it. But why would you give it away for FREE?


People buy books on Amazon in a number of ways, they look at:

  • Cover
  • Title
  • Reviews
  • Blurb
  • Comments
  • Social Media recommendations
  • Traditional recommendations
  • Ranking in the charts

It’s the last one that gives us the reason why we would want to give it away for FREE. The idea is that because it’s FREE more people will download it… why not… and then with the increased number of downloads it will begin to push itself up the charts. The further up the charts it is the more exposure it gets and the more people will see it, so the more it’s downloaded. By the end of the promotion you hope that it’s high enough up the rankings, that a higher number of people will see it, and continue to download it even though it will now cost money.


Just because it’s FREE doesn’t mean people will still see it so we need to promote it and make people aware of the offer. This is where the various promotional ideas come in.

  • Facebook – Post the offer continually on Facebook for the duration of the promotion constantly reminding people to download it.
  • Twitter – The same here. Most people will have more followers on Twitter so a scheduled series of tweets throughout the period is compulsory.
  • Free eBook sites – There are sites that solely promote FREE eBooks so make sure that they’re aware of what you’re doing.
  • Blogs – Make sure that you write about it on any blogs you have so that people know.
  • email – Send out an email to family and friends. You have to tell people about it.

Out Of Darkness

‘Out of Darkness’ has eight authors included and therefore eight times the amount of promotion. It should go up the charts with a rocket. 🙂 It’s a very good experiment for someone like me to be involved in because I can see first-hand how this would work when I get round to launching my own novels very soon.

In case you didn’t realise, ‘Out of Darkness’ is now available for FREE and you can click right here and download it… for nothing. There’s not even anything to think about with that, it’s like, ‘can you read? – do you have books? – do you want another one? – here you go.’

If you’re in the US and would rather buy it from then… click here.

Just get it for the sake of it, just get it to help me out, just get it to help the other authors out that are much nicer than me, just get it because it’s Monday, whatever else you do today… JUST GET IT. thank you.

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